Taken from a Facebook Note Dated Monday, August 9, 2010 at 2:07am

.Latest question on a blog I have been on for 10 years feels very relevant. what do you do when you give advice and people don’t take it, then wonder why the problem persists?
Hmmm… Stop offering advice You can show someone the door 50 times 50 ways to Sunday but they still have to open it and walk through it on their own.
Big changes take Little steps and big leaps. You have to be ready to feel the impact of your fall. You will fall, whether it’s across the finish line or at the starting gate your ass is going to stumble and trip and drag, but only you can make that decision to keep pushing on. Yes there is support, but YOU have to be the one to do it to know you did it. You can’t keep making excuses forever and expect that to fix things.

Maybe I’ve become jaded from years of pain and being told everything was because of my weight only to find out there was more to it. You won’t find me sitting around making excuses about it. I’m fighting for every moment I get. I walk through those doors. I am taking those opportunities. I will not miss out on things because I can’t walk far enough or I can’t swim fast enough or I can’t meet the weight Limit. I hate seeing people ignore opportunities that are so blatantly being given to them. Stop watching your life and live stop waiting!!! Live!!! Life is moving past you!!!

No Excuses.
I don’t spout Suck it up Princess all the time to be funny. I live those words. I am a princess and I suck it up every damn day. I have high expectations of everyone in this life and higher of myself. So you better keep up because I move fast!

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