Help a girl out!

So Monday thru Thursday I head off to the gym, it’s what I do. I get up, assemble (okay, more like scavage in the kitchen) some form of food and head out to work out. Working overnights my ‘morning’ starts at about 16:00 [4:00PM]
Today the alarm got set early, trying to turn back the clock just a bit as I must get up early tomorrow. It took a bit of time to get moving as usual. Between my fibro and getting older I just can’t move so well in the mornings. Gabbed a Chobani yogurt out of the fridge, and threw a string cheese in my purse and off I went.
45 mins on the elliptical and my ass was dragging! I don’t know what to eat before my workout to give me enough energy to get through it. I ignored my dire desire to quit and pushed myself onto the recumbant bike for a 30 min session on there. Chugged some water and scarfed my string cheese post workout, and into the pool! Thats right, I don’t stop after the cardio I hit the pool! Water aerobics! 55 Mins in the pool Swim-and-sweating! It is really great for my joints, and great fun!

I repeat this (with varying amounts of cardio) 4 days a week, and still every time I work out on the machines, I get so.. worn out! So what do you eat before you work out? What fuels your body through a workout? Is it a good thing to grab something midway through since I am working out for more than an hour? Sometimes I work out for 3 hours or more, not so much anymore as I don’t have much in the way of workout buddies that go that hardcore, but I digress. I need a protein right (?) to fuel my body before I work out, but what about carbs?

Tomorrow I meet with my weight management doctor hopefully she can offer some insight into what I should be doing. I mean lastyear I was at 428lbs. Now I am under 300. In one year! but the weightloss has slowed in the last 8-10 weeks. I crested under 300 and now the scale wont move 😦
Wish me luck yall!
Update on the last year of progress coming tomorrow!

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