Back to the grind…

So my workout is… boring.  What the heck can I do about it? I have my gym membership at the YWCA but I can only do what I can do.  I take water aerobics 4 days a week.  It is a little different each day, but it is still the same. 

I go upstairs (where the cardio stuff is) and my options are limited because of my medical conditions.  So what can I do? I pound out time on the elliptical, mile after mile, getting nowhere.  I use different machine locations, sometimes I switch machines mid-workout just to feel like I am going somewhere… is that weird? Probably. Oh well! At least I wipe them down. 

I use the stationary bike, the upright kind.  Do you know how uncomfortable those seats are?  Do they make bike shorts that are padded for a fat chick? I mean seriously, after about 15 mins, which is let’s be honest a several mile ride at the pace I pedal, my ass is killing me! 

So recumbent bike? I had a really hard time with this type of bike due to my hip problems.  The gym put in two new model ones that are a bit easier on my joints so I can get on those and pedal for a while.  I work up a good sweat, but again, still going nowhere.

I change-up the order I do the cardio machines.  Often I only do one bike and the elliptical, but I always do them before the water class.  Tonight I let myself chill a bit when I woke up.  Have some greek yogurt, surf the internet a while, take my time and actually let the CPAP lines disappear off my face.  (I slept partially on the hose, so I had this lovely striped pattern on my face it rocked!) I took my Water aerobics class first, then showered to get the chlorine off and off to the cardio I went. 

I did my 30 recumbent bike time, and my 30 elliptical time, and 15 on the bike, and was still BORED!  I watched Criminal Minds, since I was able to get close enough to where there was a TV.  That helped a little, putting it after my aerobics helped a little bit also, but what can I do?

What can I do to help me get or stay with my workout?  The rowing machines are off-limits, the weights are off-limits and I don’t know if I can handle the step-machine-thingies.  I suppose I could use the treadmill, or walk for a change of pace, but in my head walking is really not exercise.  On an intellectual level I know it is, but I cannot disconnect that walking cannot make me lose weight.

Do you have a favorite playlist for your workout or a trick that lets your push just a little harder?  Share with me! Please help me take another step before I go insane!

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