I NEED a Wardrobe Makeover!

I like comfy clothes.  I work in comfy clothes.  My work dress code is fairly relaxed as an Independent Contractor Driver.  I usually sport a mens pocket t-shirt or on occasion polo shirt with the company name (or not) and jeans.  When I go out to do errands, what do I throw on… same thing.  So what does my wardrobe look like?  T-shirts with pockets (mostly) a few without pockets for the gym and jeans, I have a few (very few) nicer tops, that I can (and do) wear when I am going out somewhere nice.  The green one in my Blog-bio photo, is like most of my clothes much too large for me now it was a v-neck stretchy t-shirt type material.  I loved the color on me.  I have a few other pieces here and there a black skirt that is quickly becoming much too large for me, it hangs on my hips and will soon start sliding right past them to the floor.  A few tops that I like to mix with that skirt or jeans to go out in but that is about it.

Recently, and by recently I mean the last few months, I have concluded that part of why I had been unable to SEE my weight-loss for so long is because it was hidden.  Hidden under my bad clothing.  I was a lump! A lump of blah!  At 400+lbs It really did not matter what I wore, it was a band-aid on the problem.  My bra was likely ill fitted (now that I know what a good one feels like i know it was), my jeans, well I was lucky that I could find ones that fit right? I was a big round lump.  Now I glimpse in the mirror as I leave the gym and I see my bag pull my t-shirt across my smaller self and think, HEY you have a shape! You look like a person, you have collar bones now, and a neck! You have an hourglass from the front, show it off! and from the sides you don’t look bad either! Why are you dressing in baggy clothes? You look like a sad sack!

So how do I learn to dress with a shape? I am still losing weight.  I still have another 100 pounds I would ideally like to shed.  I don’t want to blow a ton of money on new clothes.  So I have been buying a new pair of jeans here or there.  Mostly because, seriously… I can only wear the old ones for so long, the belt and 3 size too big pants just looks BAD!  I keep an eye on the clearance racks at the fat stores and women’s sections at the other retailers , but because I am in a common size I end up not finding much. 

I did take the first big step.  I have a good everyday bra, I have a good sports bra being shipped to me.  So now what? I am on a limited budget.  So what am I to do?  Anyone out there have any ideas of key pieces of wardrobe items that would help define my shape? Show me that I have a better body? Help me appear as a trendy woman?   I don’t spend a lot of time at super fancy parties, but I do go out on occasion and would like to at least look nice.

3 thoughts on “I NEED a Wardrobe Makeover!

    • I will definatly have to take you up on this! I have like ZERO fashion instincts. When my guy and I were going to a wedding this past December he had to tell me that it was not okay for him to wear a brown belt with black shoes. Who knew? I was like seriously? Who cares as long as you are covered up.
      I understand more now that what you present on the outside is very important. 🙂

  1. Going through the very same problem right now. I hope to get some cheap clothing gift cards for Christmas, other than that, I stick to the clearance racks at Target and Walmart. Fashion Bug has pretty good clearance and coupons, too. Maybe we need to create a chubby girl online clothing exchange?

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