Too fat to fly?

I am about to get on a plane and go see my family for a few days.  The holidays are a very busy time for work, and we all know holiday travel is the stuff nightmares are made of.  Not to mention holiday movies too! So this morning I will be winging my way east to visit my family for a small family reunion and an inpromptu Thanksgiving dinner (which I will be preparing) 

For years I have always been SO AFRAID that I will get up to the counter and hear those dreaded words… Too Fat to Fly.  Not so much anymore.  I have slimmed down quite a bit in the last year.  I am not smaller than when I started flying regularly to Minneapolis to see Robb back in 2004.  I was never forced to buy a second seat, but I was never particularly comfortable on a plane. 

Then again who is actually comfortable on an airplane unless you are in first class? When I went to Alaska in 2006 I was pleasantly surprised with a bump to first class.  That was the life, extra roomy seats, seatbelts that fit without an extension and I did not feel like a caged animal. 

This past September I had to fly last minute to my grandfathers funeral, and to my surprise, I not only fit into the seat, I did not need the extension.  I know each type of plane (CRJ or 747 etc) is a little different and depending on where the seat is in the plane matters too, but it was exciting.  I can’t remember a time in the last 10 years where I flew and didn’t need an extension!

So while I am aprehensive about my flight, for reasons more like, will the person sitting next to me have so much perfume on that I will get a headache, and will there be a lot of turbulence.  I am not so worried about the too fat to fly policy. 

So this week fitness will be improvised! I will see what I can find around the house, wall pushups and walks with the dog (maybe). No hardcore gym workouts and swimming fun.  I will get some time with my family, some time to look at how much my life has changed in the years I have spent living away from Pennsylvania. 

I leave you with this thought… Remember to make time for the people that are important in your lives! You never know how much time you have with them.  Laugh and breathe deep of your life, smile and feel the warmth of love in your body!

Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Too fat to fly?

  1. I love this post! Being to fat to fly I think is a lot of stress on an overweight person. No one wants the embarrassment of having to ask for a seat belt extension or being told they are to fat to fly. I fly frequently and will admit that there was a time when I could just barely make the seat belt close, now there is more room and flying is more comfortable! I’m happy to hear your flying experience will be better. Have fun on your trip.

  2. Enjoy the time with your family
    I think it’s great tha you are thinking ahead about exercising. I always feel like any type of vacation is my get out of exercise for the week kind of thing. I need to learn to get out of that habit. Exercise is part of your daily routine..just like brushing your teeth, right?

  3. This post hits home with me. A routine encounter with a seatbelt extender is part of my “epiphany” that made me decide that my life had to change. I haven’t flown since March, and I’ve lost roughly 60 lbs. since then… I am actually kind of looking forward to flying again!

    The final thought of this post was awesome. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, putting our focus on gratitude is important and should be helpful with the food-related issues that come with celebrating the holiday. Well said, and I hope your family turkey day is perfect!

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