If you look down the side of my blog, you will see my Flickr Stream… you will see a photo of me this morning… I had just put hair dye in my hair. I feel about as energetic as I look.  In fact I feel like shit.  See I work nights, when I come visit my family I shift to a day schedule so I can visit with people, and when I go back home to Minneapolis I will go right back to nights.  It is horrible for my body.  I am in the bottom half of the swing right now.  My body is in the screaming phase of WHY WHY WHY are you doing this to ME. 

I have been setting the alarm for 9:30am and trying to get to bed about 11:30 or 12:00 I am exhausted.  Last night I passed out in the chair watching tv, today I think i nearly dozed off behind the wheel of the car, at which point I pulled over, got a Coke-zero and jumped around until I felt more awake. 

My trip is mostly over… the next 2 days will be hardcore working, Prepwork for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and then Saturday is the big show so to speak.  I think I have most everything bought that I need… I opened the fridge today to find the butter had an expiration date of 2003… had to remedy that for sure… can we say YUCK!

I did spend a bit of time today playing dress up.  I am in the market for a new winter coat… so while I was at the store I tried on all kinds of beautiful clothes.  Clothes I would have nowhere to wear them too.  Gorgeous gowns, and fancy skirts.  I found this beautiful silver skirted and black topped dress.  OMG I saw it and was in awe of how pretty it would look on me… I was SO BUMMED when I tried it on. D: it was TOO BIG! 

That NEVER happens.  It was a 22 and it was too big! I REALLY hate the way clothes are sized… how can that be too big, and the jeans I am wearing range from a 22 that’s too big to a 24 that’s too small? seriously WHY?   I just want to be able to go grab an item off a shelf and have it fit! I spent about $20.00 and bought 3 new tops, a slinky little nighty and an apron to not get my clothes slopped up tomorrow. One of the tops I have no friggin clue what the strings are for… I may just cut them off… they seem to do nothing they are like slightly to the back of the neck… do they like tie in a bow?  I know they aren’t the stupid little loopy things, I dunno I am so not a fashionista! Right now I have it crossed in the back and tied in the front… I dunno… I just… *shruggs*

So Anyway, I’ve uploaded another Flickr with my new hair color I am still sleepy… I have a dinner to attend tonight, then I might try to call it an early night.  Overall I am feeling good, dress up made me feel pretty good.  I never really had a fun time playing dress up as a teen since nothing really fit but I am feeling good tonight. Maybe I will have to do that more often. 

Anyone have any good Plus Size shops they like either online or brick and mortar? I need recommendations for good places for Winter coats and Boots too, both for Women and Men. Let me have them if you got em!

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