You’re such a Doll!

Matryoshka doll

Image by frangipani photograph via Flickr

I attended my second Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday of this week, the actual day of the holiday, a stretch I know.  While there I was given a gift, well a few actually, sheep mittens from Latvia, a trivet that when you place hot things on it the smell of juniper is released, and a Matryoska doll.  I was also given the gift of insight.

Robb’s mom had been on vacation and brought this back as a gift for us, well mainly me (not the one in the photo but I will get a photo of her because she is beautiful). 

When she gave me the doll she said it was like me. My first thought was, OH! Because it gets smaller. Cool! She went on to say yes it gets smaller, but on the inside it still stays the same.  The doll she brought back for me is painted with the same woman on all 5 of the dolls. 

 It made me think most of the night, as I sat laughing as we played a food trivia game and tried to keep my mind from drifting too much I thought even though I am growing and changing, and shrinking and changing  I really am the same on the inside.  The little girl with the big heart who wanted to help in the kitchen, or help mow the lawn or do anything just to make someone happy.  The angsty teenager who would organize drawers full of junk for her teachers so they could find things more efficiently, and would spend time volunteering at the hospital instead of having a real job to make money. The woman who rushes ahead to get the door, and who at 400 pounds would still help her older neighbors carry their grocerys up the 3 flights of stairs.

In fact in my getting fit one of my goals for the next year is that 5k, and I want to do one that is some sort of fundraiser, where I can gather donations for charity. I can’t however decide what I want to walk/run for!  There are so many causes I support, whether it is Susan G Komen Breast Cancer, any Cancer reallyJDRF, Share our Strength‘s end Hunger program, there are so many organizations that need money, that need support.  I just don’t know what to choose.  I will be doing it though, and you will see it here!

There is no more sitting on the sidelines Get up and DO IT! Get up get up get up and be a player! Anyway, just wanted to share some perspective on the doll theory.  Remember, you may be shrinking, or growing, or a bit of both, but you are still the same inside.  Also… with this doll, unlike the one I had as a child, (which she did not know about) I wont be chewing on the smallest doll.  I promise.  This one means a lot to me, it showed something new to me.  Plus.. I don’t know how many calories wood contains 😀

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