Sick and Exercise

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So who else is sick right now? I am fighting some funky throat thing, resulting in me actually calling the doctor’s office for an appointment.  I will be going Friday I can’t swallow anything more than tea and squishy soft foods.  Not good, this leads me to want to eat things like mashed potatoes and creamy fatty foods.  It started last week, right before Thanksgiving.  So we are talking almost a week now.  Friday is my appointment, so we will see if I magically recover by then. 

So the question is… When you are sick can you still work out? Yesterday I hit the gym, HARD! Recumbent bike, elliptical, water aerobics the whole dog and pony show, and I paid dearly for it.  I overdid it.  Big shocker, I never learned how to do things a little bit.  I was okay on the bike, it is pretty easy to keep my heart rate in a good place and keep my breathing at a good level, it was the first thing I did for the day but from there I jumped onto the elliptical and that did not go as well.  My throat was burning so bad!  I pounded water back and worked through the pain, can we say not a good plan? I knew you could! I finished my workout with my water aerobics class which was okay, I can pace in there because I chat which keeps me at a good level for working out. 

So how do you know when you shouldn’t be working out?  I always use the Jillian Michaels rule of thumb or working out.  She says in general if it is above the neck (sore throat, runny nose, sneezing) you are safe to continue to a low intensity workout.  (But I suck at this low intensity stuff, I seem to start out low and then get going and blow past it).  She also says if your symptoms are below the neck you should let things run their course before you resume your activities. 

Her advise has been echoed this month in an article I found that says, “In general, if your symptoms are from the neck up, go ahead and take a walk,” said Dr. Nieman. “But if you have a fever or general aches and pains, rest up and let your body get over the illness” Here is the full article there are some other stats about working out and sickness. Clearing The Air on Exercise & the Common Cold.

So I guess I will be taking it easy this week, low intensity, no hardcore workouts, slow and steady healing.  Hopefully everyone that has been feeling the holiday sick will get to feeling better as well!

2 thoughts on “Sick and Exercise

  1. I’ve also heard that – headache or a little bit of congestion is okay to have “light” activity. If it’s a respiratory or achey thing, give it a day or two off. I’ve been sick recently, too, and I found that taking a few days off helped me get back to the gym QUICKER than if I tried to push it – it only prolonged my illness. Isn’t it an awesome feeling of WANTING to workout, though?? Great job!!! 🙂

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