Holiday Sabotage!

So much of the hustle and bustle of the holidays pushes us to keep going and forget the normal things.  We rush around trying to do too much in too little time and we become distracted. It becomes easier and easier to skip the things that had become routine. 

 I have been slacking on going to the Y lately.  Why? Well… the parking lot there is a mess since the snow! What an excuse right? It has gotten so bad that I have actually thought about cancelling my membership in favor of a new gym.  THAT is actually saying something.  However in my slacking to go TO the gym I have been doing other things. 

Shoveling snow! Oh My GOODNESS!  Every time I go to my car I seem to have to push the snow pile back again.  I also bought one of those handled rubber fitness tubes.  Battling shoppers at the Mall of America as I try to find a gift for hard to buy for people.  At home old-fashioned toe touches… yes kids you heard me TOE TOUCHES! Can you imagine?  Yes it is silly but heck its movement.

So I wiggle my booty to the Christmas Music as I do dishes, squeeze in any kind of extra moving around when I can and I am still tracking everything I eat… mostly.  Awwwww Nuts! These are a major downfall for me.  I love nuts!  I have been bagging up nuts into little 1 oz baggies because I could totally sit down and eat a whole can right? 

I divided up the Sahale Snacks PB&J almonds, and the Pomegranate Vanilla Cashews, and portioned out some Planters Creme  Brulee Almonds, and some Cinnamon glazed Pecans from Whole foods… but the trick is I need to put the cans far enough out of the path I travel that I wont just pop the lid off and pop one in my mouth.  I suppose it could be way worse. I could be popping things like Hershey’s Kisses or chips in my mouth, and usually when I do this I am genuinely hungry.  I just need to stop that behavior.  I do make myself count those calories, but it is still bad behavior.

I am working to not gain over the holidays.  If I come out with a loss I will be thrilled, I weigh in at the doc’s on January 4th, but I will be satisfied if I got out without a gain.  I think I have done okay so far… then again… I don’t trust my home scale… it has been giving me different numbers if I step off and step back on.  Me thinks it may be time for a new battery.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Sabotage!

  1. I am right there with you about not gaining over the holidays! My immediate goal is to weight less at my weekly weigh-in after Christmas than i did at my weigh-in right before Thanksgiving. I learned from my daily calendar that the average North American gains 7 to 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am hoping not to be one of them.

    • 7 to 12 pounds is like the size of a baby (or a fat baby)! That is just CRAZY! I keep reminding myself I am making good choices and doing the right thing. I have made it past the first holiday without a gain thanks to my strep throat! Thank you body for making me sick! lol!

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