Christmas Memories

Hey everyone! It is time for another trip down memory lane…

Most of my childhood and teen years is quite fuzzy.  It is made up of flashes, or stories gathered from photos and video gathered from various sources over the years.  I call it the being a fat kid syndrome.  I have found a lot, not all, not most, just a lot of people who were heavy for most of their lives tend to not be able to remember large parts of their lives.  I am one of these people. 

Since it is Christmas I thought I would share a few of my top Holiday Memories.  In no particular order.

  • Making Thumbprint Cookies with my Mom and Brother.  We each got our own kind of jam to fill the cookie with.  Mine was ALWAYS strawberry, his was always concord grape.  Never fail it was a Sticky gooey mess!!
  • Picking out a plate of cookies for Santa.  Not just any cookies would do.  The two cookies I picked had to be just right.  I also had to leave the reindeer food too, Carrots! They need fuel to fly! Nowadays everyone knows Santa prefers Beer and Sandwiches.  Or in my house carrots and hummus!
  • Christmas morning we were not allowed to wake up Mom and Dad before 7:00AM.  Once that time was reached we were allowed to wake them up.  They then had to go downstairs and make sure Santa was there already.  We would sit on the stairs waiting for what seemed like an absolute eternity! Mom and Dad would make coffee, (HOW CRUEL!!!) and set up the camera.  My brother and I would take turns trying to get down the stairs just enough to peek and see if we could spy the presents.  We ALWAYS got caught.
  • My stocking ALWAYS had an orange/clementine in it and some kind of cherry chapstick.
  • One year my dad had these hysterical moose character slippers and would torture me with them as I tried to unwrap my presents he would keep putting the moose in my way.  That was the year I got my Cinderella watch.  It had a pink band.  I can’t believe I actually remember that. 
  • Clothes were the worst gift ever!
  • The dramatic reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas by one of my teachers in highschool. It was A-MA-ZING!

Now I am an adult, with my own family.  I have no kids, and no plans for any but I find that still there is a bit of my family’s traditions in everything that I do.  Whether it is my need to have green bean casserole not messed with and made fancy (HELLO DO NOT MESS WITH MY FOOD!) or my need to every year have an orange/clementine for Christmas.  I am more than 1000 miles from my mom and dad.  I have family here now and they are so important.  I am taking time this holiday, as I try to do every day because life is so precious, to make sure people know I love them. Make the holidays yours!

I hope everyone has a safe happy wonderful special and magical Christmas!  Don’t forget to look for that special holiday sparkle.  It is out there, whether it is in the sky while you are holding the hand of the one you love, or in the eyes of your child as they look with wonder and amazement at what Santa has done for them for being so good all year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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