Forgive me Readers for I have sinned! It has been several weeks since I set foot in the gym!


I had been going for walks, doing things at home with an elastic thing, and shoveling massive amounts of snow.  I had not however actually gone to the gym.  SHAME ON ME!!! I had become that statistic of people who were paying for the membership and not actually going!

It all started right around that big snowstorm we had.  After breaking as many bones as I have over the years, without having them be related to sports injuries or major accidents I get scared.  Ice and snow are very serious threats to my well-being.  My joint hypermobility and instability not to mention being a clutzy-overweight person makes parking lots super SCARY.  The YWCA parking lot is no exception to this.  It is a dangerous place to walk across.  It is icy and at the times I go, it is a hike to my spot in the dark no matter what.

So tonight despite the headache, and my cold and the cold AND the Vikings Eagles game on TV I went to the gym.  I faced my fear, and went.  I spent 45 mins on the elliptical, and a half hour on the bike.  I wanted to just stop so many times.  I was bored, and tired but I did it! I hate the hours of the gym.  I need a better gym.  It is time to read my contract and see when it is up. 

So I have thrown myself back into the workout world again.  I can feel the holiday bloat.  Something about other people’s cooking just makes me unhappy.  I can’t not eat at a holiday dinner, but the sooner the leftovers that were sent home are gone the better!  Tonight I think Robb will finish off most of it.  Tomorrow I have planned chili for dinner.  I go back to the weight clinic Tuesday… I am hoping my Don’t gain Maintain stuck… We shall see.  If not I shall start again. It is a process, Holidays are tough, 20+ inches of snow is tough, and fear is a scary thing. 

2 thoughts on “Sinner!

  1. I tell ya what, the 24 hour fitness centers are awesome. I am not a big classes user, but mine does offer some. Everything is smaller, including the parking lots. With your jacked up schedule its perfect to get in late when there isnt a soul in sight.

    • Yeah, the more and more I head into the Y the more and more I think a smaller 24-hour gym is what I need. Nothing like sitting infront of the tv at 2 in the morning just sitting playing video games and watching movies waiting for work to happen to make me feel like I am wasteing precious workout time!
      I am not a big class person, the only classes I take are the ones in the water, and in talking with the instructor tonight I may be able to work something out with her guest passes that I could still come just for that and switch to a 24 hour gym.

      God I would be in heaven being able to just go workout in the middle of the night!

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