Happy Thanksgiving

New Year New You? Nah! New Year same me, same goals.
Every year like most people I sit down, sometimes with paper,
sometimes just in my mind, and make a list of goals for the new
year. My goals have not changed much in the last few
years. I would say that this is a sad thing, but I have been
atleast making progress at my goals. The single biggest thing
on my goals list is… Lose Weight I am so sure that this surprises
you so much right? *eyeroll* However in recent years
this has become a bit more of a generalized goal of getting
healthy. My journey to health is more than just getting
skinny. It is about overall wellbeing. I want mental
and physical wellbeing. I want my life to be healthy. The
other part of my resolutions and goals has been to learn how to
accept compliments, or more specifically just say… Thank
You.. This is something that I have struggled with so
long. Never in my life have I been able to just say Thank You
and just leave it at that. I always feel the need to justify
myself or put myself down or 50 other things that are just plain
rude when someone gives you a compliment. I know it is a
selfesteem thing. I just don’t know how to build mine
up. I am getting better at this, slowly. I have been
working on this for about the last year or so. Last year one
of my big goals was to celebrate the little things. I did
fantastically with that goal. I learned more about how to
stop and smell the roses and cut the thorns off and pass them
along. I had always been able to do it, but only if
I had planned to do it. Now I try to teach others about how
to embrace the little wonderful things that are happening all
around. I can only hope to someday find a job where I can do
this! That would be like a total dream come true, but I don’t even
know what kind of job that would be. So as the year comes to a
close I am thrilled to have something crossed off my goals list,
even though the lose weight get healthy is
still on there. Next year at this time I will be another step
closer to never having it on my list ever again. That will be
an amazing day! I took over 100 pounds
off in the last year! There will come a time soon
that it will be gone from my list. In the last year I have
met a lot of wonderful new people, I hope to continue to make new
friends in the new year, and forge stronger friendships with those
that I met in this past year. I am amazed and
inspired by their transformations and dedication to so many
things. I hope 2011 brings wonderful luck to everyone! Set
your goals high! I will support you and cheer you on! Do amazing

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