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Dreary Doctor's Office

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So today was another of those wonderful checkups at the weight clinic.  We all know what this means.  When we go to see a doctor, we sit in the waiting room… waiting… tapping our feet, anxiously shaking our knee, looking around, wondering what other people’s stories are.  When they call your name it’s like winning the lottery only without the prize.  Your reward, a walk down the hall to the scale.  When I was a teenager I would throw a hissy-fit about getting on the scale.  I now understand that they need our weight to calculate proper medication dosages but that is not here nor there.  I am still not thrilled with the premise of jumping onto the scale.  However these appointments are based on just that. 

Weight management is about just that, go to doctor get on scale, find out how your progress is going.  The approach I am partaking in is a diet and exercise based plan.  So onto the scale I step at the hospital every 8-10 weeks or so. 

During my last visit I was welcomed into the 100 pound club my doc started.  I had been a member for a while but she had just started keeping a list of the patients that had actually managed to lose 100 pounds with diet and exercise.  I was excited to be on the top of her list. 

Today at my weigh in I crossed into a new club.  I lost 16 pounds since my last weigh in, which was at the start of November.  This means I came out of the holidays with a loss of 16 pounds!!!  The doc was so thrilled, I think she was more excited than I was to be honest.  She sat looking at my chart doing the math and low and behold, the old loss plus the new loss has netted me into the 150+ Pounds Lost Club!

153 Pounds GONE!!!

So that being said I am currently searching for a person that weighs 150 pounds so that I can see what that looks like on a real person.  So if you or a friend weigh this and don’t mind shooting me a message or a link to a photo I would SO be grateful!  I have trouble with being able to visualise my losses.

So after leaving the doctors I called my dad and my mom.  Both of whom are super proud of me! Then I texted my brother, It went something like this…

“Doc says I lost 153 Pounds” –Me “Damn Sis! Congrats” –Rich “Thanks, It’s hard work man! Why didn’t someone help me before I got to 429 lbs? My God?!” –Me “You’re Amazing” –Rich

A strange feeling came over me… my little brother might just actually be proud of me! My whole life I have been proud of him for so many things, his struggles with diabetes and ability to just not give up and his talents with all kinds of mechanical things.  For once he is proud of me.  Know what?  I am proud of me too!!! Pardon my mouth but…


So here I sit, the first week of 2011, in a new exclusive club.  I have lost 150+ Pounds I have a new mini-goal set.  My Birthday is July 6th. I would like to lose another 25 pounds by then.  If I don’t that’s cool, setting date’s to weights is a dangerous thing, but it gives me something to push for!

How has your 2011 been so far?

Oh and before I go, have you seen the Quantum Scale yet?  I saw this on Dr. Oz a few months ago and totally wanted it! Then like always I spaced and didn’t write down the info.  Jen over at PriorFatGirl.com has a contest giving one away right now.  I think come July I may ask for it for my birthday if I haven’t gotten one before then.

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