Coming out, an inspired post.

So, here I am.  This is my safe space.  My little space on the web where no one really knows who I am.  Even if you know me, (HI seester) most of you aren’t my family.  At least as far as I can tell none of my family had ventured to my blog.  I never went as far as to say, Hey look at this and send them an email or post to Facebook a link to this site. 

My blog is a place for me to be vulnerable, and open about my struggles.  I like to think I put up a good strong front on Facebook to everyone about how easy it is to just keep going with my new life all the time.  Most days it is really easy to just do it.  Other days not so much. 

Recently a blogger I read was prematurely exposed!  I know this is a risk we all take putting anything out on the web.  We each put ourselves out there for everyone to see.  So I am stepping aside to open my journey fully to everyone.  I don’t know why I have chosen to keep it hidden, not hidden as much as just separate.  As JP (PriorFatGuy) said, why not take the extra supporters when you can get them! So I shall!

Welcome friends, and Family. Here I am.

Please keep in mind as you read I reserve the right to speak freely here as this is my space to let my mind expand you don’t have to like what I say.

4 thoughts on “Coming out, an inspired post.

  1. Kris, if you wanted, I could have outed YOU, too! Jk. But congrats, I am really hopeful for you and the extra support and motivation you’ll get. Plus, you are doing AWESOME!! 🙂

  2. I’m still in the beginning stages… I tell a few that I have a blog, but not many. My family doesn’t know about it, and for now that’s how I want to keep it. maybe one day I’ll open up, but for now I’m in the blog closet 🙂

    • I am regretting it a little, theres been a tiny negative feeling from a frw people but I am trying to brush it off.
      This is my journey, my struggles, and my place to show others they aren’t alone. Hell 429 pounds was a miserable place. I want people to see that the road from there to healthy is more than just eat right and exercise in a bubble. There are holidays, and events and sickness and memories that come bubbling up in unexpected places.
      The trick is to keep going, so blah, the people who read something here they didn’t like need not come back. Though I wish whatever they saw they would understand its part of my life and how I see the world, and it’s not a reflection on anything but me.

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