Why oh Why?

So Why do you blog?

So yesterday I outted myself to some friends and family about my blog.  This was a big step.  Some of you, in fact almost all of you are unaware of the fact that I used to be a blogger.  Long long ago in a world far away from here I had a blog.  I was over at Livejournal.com for YEARS.  Long before the site got popular I was there.  I blogged nearly every day, about all kinds of things from daily goings on, to my parents making me angry to bad dates and the then love of my life. 

After that disaster crashed and burned more disastrously than the Titanic or Oceanic flight 815 I shut down literally.  I read my friends blogs, but stopped writing.  I closed the door on the idea of keeping any kind of record of my life, why remind myself of happiness, or struggles? Why share that information with anyone? Who does that who needs that?  Also, what if you hurt someone with your words? Well… Here we go…

I want people to understand why I blog, or why I have returned to the blog.  Short answer… This blog is for me. A place for me to work through my struggles and share my triumphs. I need a place where I can share my thoughts.  Pen and paper is great, but when was the last time a piece of paper told you Way to go! or it’s okay if you falter brush yourself off and start again. 

The supportive community of bloggers that I have come to find in the last year is incredible.  We are all working towards similar goals.  No two of us are trying to achieve the same thing yet somehow as we venture down the same path together we are unstoppable.  As each of us accomplishes something amazing we celebrate and it feels good! I am excited as each of my friends (and I do consider them my friends) meets a goal!) Whether it is finishing 12 races in a year, or signing up for their first 5k.  If it is making a commitment to get to the gym once a week or track their food choices for just one week.  I celebrate their successes!  We lift each other up.

 When one of us makes ourselves vulnerable we rally around them, and help them.  This is SO important.  Many of us do not have great support systems in our lives.  Some of us have also not had great lives up until this point.  We each bring something to the proverbial table. 

We all have something that makes us vulnerable.  We are all imperfect.  Whether it is a food addiction, video games, work, alcohol, drugs or any number of things everyone has something they use to cope with stress.  I am done running from the fat kid I was my whole life.  There are people on my Facebook that were my classmates that have known me since preschool, you have only ever known the fat unhealthy banned from gym class because of broken bones Kris.  I am not that person anymore. 

I killed Kristina.  I tried to kill her when I left Pennsylvania and started over here in Minneapolis in 2005 and I failed.  There was still too many things going on.  She is dead now.  I will never be the girl who sits quietly anymore and lets people make her feel inferior. I have become a new person, I AM healthy.  I may be KrisGetsHealthy but KrisISHealthy.  I eat right and exercise I get a good amount of sleep and I FEEL good.  I have changed my life.  I really truly am a new person.  I found the amazing person that I could not find where I was before. 

This blog has been amazing for me. I look forward to Saturday I am meeting with some other bloggers for another PriorFatGirl get together.  Last time I left feeling so emotional, and filled with so much knowledge I was just inspired.  I also left with Jen telling me as I scribbled notes into a notebook in the coffee-house (a second letter to myself) that I should start a blog. 

So Jen, thank you! Your words have brought me back into the blog world as more than just a commenter and reader as someone who is willing to share their story.  I hope someone out there can get something from my victories and my struggles. It is so hard to put yourself out there and be exposed.  It is really amazing when you connect with someone or get to offer a bit of information to someone.

Bottom line of my blog really is the same as the simple version.  It is about me, if you don’t like it don’t read it.   I will not force anyone to come here.  How could I?  If I say something that hurts your feelings or offends you, I am sorry. However this is about me.  About how I see my struggles and my obstacles.  How I celebrate my victories and others.  This community is a part of my family.

So there ya have it kids!

9 thoughts on “Why oh Why?

  1. I love this post 🙂 I love the blogging world and so glad that I decided to start one. It was because of going to the Prior fat girl get together and meeting Jen that I came home that weekend and started my blog. I love the support I get when I’m feeling down and having people there to cheer me on if I have even the smallest accomplishment. So glad that you started blogging again.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the sytlish blogger award. You can click on my post later tonight to see about it 🙂

  2. Great post – honesty and insight!

    Have a wonderful time at the PFG gathering. I wish that I was going, and can’t wait to read all the things that people have to say from it.

    • I will definatly be posting a full recap of the event, hopefully I will find my camera in the next day or so, if not it will be cell phone photos, (like most of my pics on the site have been)

  3. Kris – I found you through JP’s(PFG) blog the other day. You can count one more person on your support team! What a journey you have had so far – 153 pounds! Incredible! I look forward to following the rest of your story – and saying hello in person on Saturday at the PFG event! I recently outed my blog as well – I hadn’t been writing mine as long but I knew I wanted/needed the support and it was scary. Even now I am very protective about what I write about – you and JP have made me realize that I need to just be myself on my blog and the rest will work itself out! Thanks! See you Saturday!

    • I can’t wait to meet you on Saturday. Please come find me I will be looking for you. Last PFG meetup JP was the only person I knew, and I had only met him online shortly before the event. I am glad you are finding support! It really is amazing how many people are out here in the blog world!
      See you Saturday!

  4. Let any negatives about your decision to blog roll away. There are a bunch of us here who want to hear how your journey is going. Seriously…153 pounds??!! AMAZING!! Count me as a supporter!

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