No one told me there would be Homework

So a few days before the PriorFatGirl event we received an email with some homework in it. 

BRING an example of healthy. A photo or whatever. You will not need to introduce it but it will be seen by others. You can take it back at the end of the event.

This actually caused me a good deal of stress at first though, I didn’t want to pick the wrong thing.  I talked out my thoughts about the whole idea of healthy with Robb.  I didn’t know if Jen meant a healthy person, or healthy choices?  My head was still spinning as I tried to figure out how to illustrate my idea of healthy.  As I have started on this journey I have moved myself into what I would call healthy.  However to most I still don’t look healthy (unless you reference my before photos, then my god do I look so healthy and happy!).  That is not what it was about.  So I embarked on defining healthy with photos I found on the web. 

Take a moment and think about it, when you think of healthy what do you think of?  I would love to know what you think!

To me “Healthy” when asked is this context of how do I see it composed of many parts. 

  • Balanced diet/ Good Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

These are the four core points that I illustrated in my example of healthy for the PFG event.  I went with simple representations but my point was easily understood.  I wanted to include regular  medical checkups but could not find something to show that.

So I am going to Do this Wrap up in more than one part… First up is Paul…

So when Paul Kriegler (Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach from Lifetime Fitness) got up to talk I wondered if my homework would match up with what he had to say.  (I won’t keep you in suspense My homework is A+ work!)

How to change your diet without going on a diet!

So here is where I pass along the secret that unless you were at the PFG event and don’t know the super secret handshake I cannot divulge the secrets that were given to us! … Just kidding! However as anyone on this journey to a new lifestyle and not a quick fix knows there is 8-minute six-exercises to the flattest stomach and tightest abs. 

A few of the most important things I took away from what was said and feel that should be shared are…

  • You are worth the time it takes. Whether it is the time it takes to exercise, or prep your food, you are worth it. 
  • Enjoy your food, food is fuel but you need to enjoy it.
  • You need to be able to move and feed good in this life.  If you can’t achieve this, you need to change what you eat.  Small changes make a big impact.
  • How do you determine Success?  If you are not the same as you once were, “Not as bad as I used to be”  That sure sounds like success to me!

There are no real hard fast rules for dieting, and what works for one person will not always work for everyone.  I cannot tell you how many times I have done Weight Watchers and it has not worked for me.  (I can also tell you how much I want to push people in the face that say well you weren’t doing it right because you don’t know you were not there, but I digress.)

Some general ground rules Paul shared with us…


  • When you eat food (because that’s what we eat right?) you should be eating a balanced plate.  This does not mean put it on a scale.  (although I weigh my food)  This means your plate contains a combination of 3 things.  Protein (to grow and repair of muscle and other cells), Fat (to insulate cells and energy and help release fat soluble vitamins), and Carbohydrates (quick fuel for our bodies).  Yes, okay there are other components minerals etc but this is a general thing so HUSH!
  • Life can exist on Protein and fat alone.  Our bodies can convert fat and protein into carbohydrates.  This process is why Atkins works.  However because Food is linked to mood after a while you start to go a bit crazy.  “I would punch a baby for sure” Was a comment from JP about being the thought of Atkins depriving himself of carby goodness. 
  • Like all meals your snacks should be balanced.  (To this I add my own rule) all snacks should be enjoyed  to their fullest, put it on a plate whenever possible.  Sit at the table whenever possible.  Focus on your food.
  • Make your meals from real food! When was the last time you saw a McNuggett running around, or picked one-off the tree? Can you farm it? No?  Work on this!  Catch it, Farm it, raise it!  Work to reduce the number of processed foods from your diets.  Can you eliminate just one thing?  Small changes make for long-term success!
  • Meals are not small! We are so overfed and undernourished today.  A Burger from McSpankys has tons of calories but they are not quality calories.  They do not nourish your body.  (They certainly don’t nourish your wallet!)
  • Focus on eating 21 meals a week.  21 large meals.  This seems like an overwhelming task.  For me this seems nearly impossible.  given my schedule I think I would have to eat nearly non stop.  Most Saturdays I think I eat once a day, plus a snack if I am lucky.
  • Make the 21 meals less stressful by practicing the 80/20 rule.  The 80/20 rule is where you do your very best 80% of the time.  This means if only 17 of your meals make it into the balanced category you are doing great! the balance of them, you don’t stress over.  Pick your battles, 80% is damn good!
  • Bulk up your meals!  Get them big to get you full so you get those nutrients your body needs!  A healthy diet has lots of veggies and fruits in it (3:1 Veg to fruit).  We should be getting 9-13 servings of veggies a day, that is an overwhelming task, they reduced the suggestion to 5 and most don’t even get that! Did you have any veggies today?  Were they corn or potatoes?  There are more than 300 kinds of veggies out there! Experiment with them!  Even if you have to use a little fat to eat them do it!  (Who doesn’t want a little bacon or cheese sauce with their veggies?)
  • Veggies will set you free!!
  •  A serving of veggies is equal to about the size of your fist.  Your daily intake of veggies should be equivalent to about the size of your head. 
  • Pick one or two small diet changes to make and apply them.  Be consistent in your change and make no excuses!  NO EXCUSES!!! I really like that part. 
  • Food is how you communicate with your internal environment.  You MUST be intentional with your communication!


The next thing talked about was Hydration.  Suzanne Somers was apparently on tv recently talking about pollution in the environment.  There are chemicals ad toxins in the air and food and water that get trapped in our bodies.  I am not getting all new age here.  I promise!  Fat is a storage system in your body.  When you start to lose weight, and burn that body fat off the toxins that are stored in your body fat are released into your body. 

I have spent the better part of my life dehydrated.  I do not drink enough water.  I do not drink enough anything actually.  My role model growing up was my mom who downs Diet Coke like we should drink water.  At least she is drinking something.  It is suggested that to flush your system properly that you drink HALF your body weight in ounces in water each day.   So at 275 Pounds I need to drink about 138 ounces or so.  That is an overwhelming number when I think about it.  If we learned anything from BP this last year the solution to pollution is dilution.  So I shall chug away at my water with my new PriorFatGirl water bottle to help get my toxins out.


  • Muscle weighs more than far (we know this right, even though a pound is a pound) however, muscle burns fat!
  • Protein is under recommended in our diets.  Our bodies need protein! It builds muscles!
  • People are afraid of protein because they think it will be too hard on their bodies.  Most people can handle at least double what they are currently consuming for protein.
  • Bodies obtain the best amino acids and nutrition from animal proteins.  However there are amino acids found in veggie proteins that are awesome too.  So mix your proteins for best results!
  • Your body burns about 25 calories to digest 100 calories worth of protein, as opposed to the 3 to 5 calories it takes to digest the same 100 calories worth of carbs or fat.  This means protein has a thermogenic effect.

Misc. Other Highlights

  • Eat the food/foods that satisfy your hunger. 
  • Fat Fiber and Protein are the foods that will satisfy you the most.  (Healthy fats nuts, cheese olives eggs, seeds things that have good mouth feel and taste good)
  • Your body needs fats to feed satisfied
  • Listen to your hunger.  Are you in touch with your hunger?  I still struggle with this at times.  The clock does not determine when you are hungry.  Get in touch with your body.  Learn your hunger cues.  I am working on cravings vs hunger right now. I like to call it the Mouth Hungry Monster do I just want to put it in my mouth because it tastes good?
  • Journaling will set you up for success.  Your journal will give you a place to be accountable as long as you are honest with yourself in it. I keep both a food journal and this journal as tools to keep me on track. 
  • Identify your food/situational triggers.  Are there certain foods that make you binge? lack of sleep? social situations? Eliminate or change them! Make it work for you! Set yourself up for success!
  • Food is an experience to share with others, so ask others to support you.  If this means you bring your own food then DO IT! If others give you a hard time about it… STOP HANGING OUT WITH THEM!
  • Influence the environment around you.  What goes around comes around.  Set yourself up for longterm success.
  • Taking photos of your food can help you visually balance your diet.  What color is missing from your plate?
  • “Successful people track their results, no matter what their profession is!” –Carlos
  • Embrace the trouble, it is worth it! You are worth it… YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  • Sleep is an important key to being healthy.  Ask anyone who is an athlete what part of their regimen they enjoy most and sleep will be a likely answer.
  • Devote everyday to learning something new.  It can be about anything, yourself, something you enjoy.  Trivia is your friend!
  • Weight loss is possible and probable! Lose it, kiss it goodbye forever but it is a lasting consistent commitment to yourself.
  • Your slight changes will make differences, after all weight-loss is a side-effect of a different life style!

 So that wraps up the first portion of the One Breath One Step Event. I promise I will recap the rest of the event.  Including the fact that apparently I was the biggest loser in the house and how that made me feel. I want to talk about the incredible people I talked to,  I have some photos  to share as well.  But I think this has gone on too long already. 

7 thoughts on “No one told me there would be Homework

  1. I loved reading your PFG event recap. I need to reread and take notes 🙂 It sounds like you had a great speaker who gave you lots of valuable information. I’ll definitely take away some good advice. Thanks! I especially needed to read the part about being worth it. Sometimes I forget that all the struggle is worth it, because I am worth it.

    • You ARE totally worth it!!! That is one of the most important things I keep reminding myself is that I am worth it, The Journey is for me so I need to make sure I keep focused on it.
      There is a another big post I need to make, about Stacy from KitchenWerks (who was at the last one) but this post was already so huge!)
      One of the biggest things to remember is to make little sustainable changes. In reading your blog I think you may be trying to jump too far too fast. Pick one or two little things and just work on those until they are a well forged routine. You can do it!!!! You are worth it!!! I believe it I believe in you!

  2. Kris – I stood next to you up front, and I don’t remember the exact number of pounds that you said you lost, but I think it was around 150. WOW! I was so amazed and honored to stand next to another success story! I didn’t get to talk to you personally but I wanted you to know that. Hope to see you again sometime.


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