Kakapos and You!

Kakapo Pura on Codfish Island.

Image via Wikipedia

So this morning after watching the end of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game I was flipping channels while making my shopping list for the week.  I stumbled across a tv program on a channel I don’t recall about the Kakapo

What is a Kakapo? Why do I care? This isn’t a save the endangered species blog (although they are an endangered species!)  The Kakapo is a parrot, according to the television show it is the largest parrot.  The male can be up to nine pounds.  It is flightless.  The show went on to talk about how this poor birds favorite food is located up in a tree.  Great right, it’s a bird, he can fly up and get it… not this bird.  Over many many years this bird has lost the ability to fly!  It is so large due to its basal metabolic rate being so slow.  It has however gained tremendous strength in its legs.  So it has to climb the trees to get to what it wants. 

So I am sure by now you are like uh okay, so if I wanted to learn about this I would have taken an Ornithology class so I will digress.  I could relate to this bird.  As he struggles up the tree to get the food he needed fighting the whole way. 

There are things each and every one of us wants in this life.  Whether it is a new career or a healthy body or even in this birds case the tastiest treat in all the land we have to fight for it.  As we fight we become stronger.  The drive to get us what we want in life makes us stronger.  It really is the journey that makes us who we are, that shapes and molds us.  Sure we all have that starting point but there is always going to be a shift where something changes. 

I want to be healthy.  I fight every day to get there, the battle will never be won, but I get stronger and adapt each day with the tools I have gained.  I can be confident in the strength of my body and know that my mind will let me make good decisions if I just let it do its job.  I just need to be confident in my decisions.  So the next time I am at the gym and feeling like I am just too fat to be working out, which I do feel like at times, I will remind myself that anything worth having is worth working for and if the Kakapo can do it so can I! So I will continue to set my goals high and work myself to the core! I am worth it and YOU are too!

2 thoughts on “Kakapos and You!

  1. Trying not to comment as I catch up on my blog reading after being out of town, but I can’t resist! You touched on something here, and it moved me. I am always grateful to be reminded of the journey, and the fact that it isn’t supposed to be easy. I am one of those that just wants TIME, so I want everything to ALWAYS be easy. This is what led me to where I was; the place I will fight to never be at again. I’ve gotta get back to doing the hard thing to where it becomes routine.

    Kudos to us, and kudos to the Kakapo! 🙂

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