Running my own Race

As the seasons shift and spring approaches (I am hopeful, it is staying light longer!) I see my fellow bloggers start writing about their training plans for 5k 10k half-marathons etc. and I can’t help but feel jealous. I want to be a runner. I have aspirations to run someday, but the doctors have made it abundantly clear that running is off limits. I tried it a few months ago since I don’t listen well and it did not go well.
I can get on the elliptical and “jog” at my just above 4mph pace but it is not the same. I am so proud of my friends as they sign up for their first or umteenth races. I want to join them! Sadly these old knees are destined for other things at this time.
So I will continue my journey to 5k’s on the elliptical, or walking, that I can do. I just have to focus on my joints making sure I don’t break something. So running warrior friends know I am with you in spirit as I pound out my 4 miles on the elliptical wishing I could try for a jog with you instead. We all journey together in the same direction, all on our own missions. I will not compare myself to you. But dangit I want to run like a little kid carefree and full of life and joy! Someday, someday.

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