I Lost my TaunTaun!

The corpse of a Tauntaun

Image by sx413 via Flickr

So we are all aware of those NSV’s right? Non Scale Victories, when you slip into a pair of pants that had been a bit too snug, or you decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator just because you wanted too not because it was good exercise or because you were running late. 

We all love these victories, we should TOTALLY celebrate them! I had to buy some new workout pants this week.  Never thought that would EVER happen.  At least not smaller ones.  When was the last time I had to buy smaller pants to work out in… uhm.. NEVER! So I scoured through the clearance rack and found a pair in my size and bought them.  Yes I am still not willing to pay retail for my clothes.  I am still buying fat girl clothes and those clothes are still too expensive. 

However this fall and winter have been VERY different for me.  If I did not know better I would say I am going through the change of life.  At 29 years of age I have begun to freeze!!! Now my first thought is okay, hormone imbalance right? I have thyroid problems so I thought perhaps my dose was wrong.  Nope I am at just the perfect dose. 

So why am I so cold?  I used to be hot all the time.  I am constantly wearing a sweater or fleece or sweatshirt now.  I couldn’t figure it out for the first bit of time.  Then Robb said to me… you do realize that you used to have 150 pounds more of you to keep you warm right?  Hello!! How did I miss this? I have crawled out of the Taun-taun that used to keep me warm. The winter coat of insulation that kept me much too hot all the time!  I am actually looking forward to summer now.  For the first time in as long as I can remember I may actually be able to handle the heat.  I usually spent the summer dreading stepping outside of the Hoth like conditions of my apartment.  Now I might just end up not feeling like I am being boiled from the inside. 

So I am having a HUGE NSV party for myself right now.  So I splurged and bought a few more long-sleeved shirts and sweaters at Old Navy today winter clearance sales in January, we know it will continue to snow until March or April here on Hoth in Minnesnowta and a coat for Spring.  I figure for the first time ever I may end up being the person that needs to wear a coat not the person asking for the fan or air to be turned on.  Plus I always wanted a trench-like coat and it looked WAY cute on me!

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