Gain weight for $.50! What a Deal!


So I assume my readers have not lived under a rock their entire lives right? I know some of us lived as shut-ins, hiding away because of our weight, avoiding potentially humiliating situations like not fitting in an airplane seat.  Heaven forbid not fitting in a booth at a restaurant, or the snapping of a chair under you! All things that have been made humorous in movies right?  You have been to the movies right?

Would you like to make it a bucket larger than your head to shovel into your pie-hole in the darkness of the theater for $.50 more? That Coke can be twice as large for only $.30 cents.  How about at the drive thru or local sub shop?  Even Subway has started pushing their combo meals! For only $.XX more you can make it a combo! It’s a deal!  Yeah a deal I don’t want!!!

I had not really been faced with this up-sizing of America much in recent times.  I avoid places that make things combos.  The only time I am really searching out the golden arches is to use their free wi-fi to get directions when I am lost for work. 

I had a first time incident at a Starbucks yesterday.  I ordered an Extra Hot Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, I know what I wanted, ordered it that way for a reason, had calories under consideration was good to go. For the first time EVER I had the girl behind the counter try to up sell me! Did you know for $.xx more you get a full 4 ounces more in your drink?

Since when did they start up selling their customers?  I have been a customer of Starbucks since I was a young teenager.  I remember being in New York City in the 90’s with my mom sharing a cappuccino before going to a show. 

I have not always ordered the largest size.  So I know it is not a case of being unaware of this.  It just really rubbed me the wrong way.  I smiled politely at the barista and asked if she knew what the caloric or nutritional difference was in the drink, she didn’t.  I wasnt going to change anyway, it was too early in my day to splurge on any more calories in a beverage anyway. I said I would stick with what I had ordered but thanks anyway.  I swiped my gift card and waited for my drink. 

As I put my wallet away my mind was reeling with the thoughts of how many times over the years I “saved money” by up sizing or making a combo out of something that I did not want or need.  Really, I wanted the size I ordered and would really end up bullied by the person behind the counter or window into getting something else.  Paying more money for something I had not intended on getting in the first place.

I was trying to think last night of a way to fight this.  We know it exists.  There is no escape, and sometimes it really is okay to grab the deal, if it fits your needs.  But do not allow them to bully you into something that adds garbage that you do not need!  Heading to Subway or McArchs or the local Deli? Hate saying no when they say want to make it a combo? Write down exactly what you are buying before you go in. When you go into the shop, now place the order like you are ordering for someone else.  Read it off the paper.  Do you want to make it a combo… look at that paper… does it say chips and a drink, how about a cookie?  Hell NO!

Stay strong! You do NOT need to Value Size or Combo Everything… and that Free with purchase item… find someone to give it to! Coworker? Break room with a Free sign on it, there are hungry people everywhere! Someone will take that food and you can always say, no thanks!

3 thoughts on “Gain weight for $.50! What a Deal!

  1. I had no idea that Starbucks tried to upsell their customers?
    It’s so true… we are always trying to look for that deal, and companies no that. I try to always smile and say no thank you if they ask me to upgrade. I know what I came in there for, and I do not want to be bullied into spending a few cents more for a few hundred calories extra.

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