Will I be my Valentine?

It has been a process of learning to love and accept myself these last few years but I think I can say I love myself… mostly.  It is after all a process.  Break it down into small parts and It becomes easy right? So let’s take a look at today’s process;

 My legs take me where I need to go climb the stairs, workout, walk, run, work and support my body.  I love how Strong and powerful they are! My chest holds my heart and protects my lungs so I can breathe.  Deep breaths giving my body oxygen, fueling my cells. My arms provide hugs and help me literally reach for my goals. Lets not forget my head is where my brain is that lets me remember that I am smart and funny and worthy of love.  Love from myself and from others.  See was that so hard? 

So while I do have a real Valentine this year, Robb and I spent yesterday with takeout from Outback Steakhouse (I ordered off their under 500 Calorie menu, although I am comfortable knowing what to order without this.  Lean meats no butter, veggies instead of potatoes, and they have a great interactive nutritional info menu on their website.) and Netflix.  All that being said… I am declaring today Be Your Own Valentine Day!

So please whether you have a Valentine or not, take a moment today and tell your body that you love it and appreciate it. 

Today I managed to give my body some well deserved water, and a workout just like it deserves! A nice hot relaxing shower and a few mins spent just reflecting on how far I have come and how proud I am of its ability to forgive me for all the years of neglect it has seen. 

Happy Valentines Day Body!

Happy Valentines Day!

3 thoughts on “Will I be my Valentine?

  1. I always need a reminder for self love (wait, that sounded a little naughty!) Great post. Your insight astounds me. I can only imagine what you might come up with fully caffeinated, and in person! Ha!

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