You are so not working out!

Girls Night Out

So first let me way I went out yesterday with a new friend Jenn, and had an AMAZING time.  *cue girly gushing about new friendship here* We had dinner at Crave restaurant in the Mall of America.  Then did some walking and chatting. Check out her blog recap to see a photo of both of us, including a FULL BODY PHOTO of me! Oh My Goodness! Those photos DO EXIST!  It was so GREAT to meet her!! A BIG Thanks goes out to JP for introducing us! I am so thrilled to have a new friend, and one that is on the same path that I am on wanting to be healthier is just AWESOME!!!

That is not a Workout! You are Misinformed!


An aqua aerobics class.

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We are each on different paths in this wild world of weight loss and health.  We each follow our own eating strategy and training schedule.  This is truly for the best!  What works for one person may very likely not work for you! I will share my tricks and tips with you in a heartbeat!  I will sit and dissect a menu with you while we figure out what to order. 

Along with good food choices we each get to choose our workout plans!  For some people they get to hang out with awesome personal trainers!  They get sessions included in memberships, or opt for 1 on 1 sessions for an added fee at their gym.  Some workout at their own homes. (Let me tell those of you that have an elliptical at home I envy you!) 

The draw to a 24-hour gym is so strong for me.  There is a Snap Fitness not far from where I live.  There is an Anytime Fitness not terribly far from here also.   However with these 24-hour gyms I lose my very best workouts! Workouts which apparently have a tarnished reputation.  One I would like to help change.  So for now I stick with my local YWCA with their pool!

I am a Water Aerobics participant! I have done water aerobics off and on since I was about 13.  Now the reputation I am talking about is the one that this is a cheating workout.  I overheard someone talking again tonight at the gym as I was getting dressed after class to hear up to the machines for some more cardio say that… “Only old ladies take water aerobics because it isn’t actually exercise.” I was infuriated!

I did not bother this time to educate these ladies on the benefits of water aerobics as I wanted to hit the machines before they got anymore crowded.  Apparently those January Joiners are hanging on! (Good on you! Keep it up! I am glad you have learned to wipe the machines down properly!)  

So I have taken to my blog to give you just a bit of info on one of my favorite ways to workout.  Mostly because it is the safest way for me to workout. 

  • Water aerobics is classified by the U.S. Department of Health as a “Moderately Vigorous Activity” that is roughly equivalent in it’s MET level to riding a bike, climbing stairs, dancing, or even playing volleyball!
  • Moving in water provides between 9 to 14 times the resistance that land based exercise does.
  • You can exercise longer in water without becoming overheated.
  • Improves core strength and flexibility.
  • Water weighs eight pounds per gallon, you get that resistance from all directions.
  • The risk of injury is lowered because only about 30% of your body weight is being felt as impact when you are at chest level in the water.  There is no impact when you are in deep water.
  • You burn more calories in the water because of the resistance
  • There is a variety of equipment you can use in the pool to keep things fun! From weights to belts to noodles!

I could go on and on about the advantages to water aerobics but I don’t want to just sit and spew facts.  Yes my classes have a some older ladies in them.  Can you imagine this though, we also have MEN in our classes!  The mix of people is great, we have everyone from college students and mom’s to be (because you can do water aerobics when pregnant!) to retirees!

I am glad that I have been able to find a workable gym solution for my ehlers-danlos syndrome.  The fact is that I will never be able to strength train traditionally.  So the resistance in the water is all I get.  I am always excited to use the weights and noodles in class.  While I enjoy the water jogging, jumping jacks and other exercises we do what I like most of all is the equipment that lets me really feel the resistance of the water.  While others may consider my workouts “not real” or “less challenging than land-based aerobics classes” I know that I am working out with more resistance and less potential joint damage!  If you live near me and want to check out one of my classes, let me know and I will bring you along, you can feel the burn too!

3 thoughts on “You are so not working out!

  1. Someday I might have to try these water aerobics you speak of. It still requires me to take my shirt off in public.

    Water actually is 8.33 pounds per gallon. Big part of materials testing, I had to share.

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