Checking In 62/365

Another months has passed, granted it was a short one.  How are your new years resolutions coming?  Have you set new mini goals?  Are you still on track with your big ones? 

Don’t get discouraged! Remember there are two ways that the month of March can come in… like a Lion or a Lamb.  Now I personally pick the sheepevery time.  Now, I love cats but sheep are my thing.  I am fluffy like a sheep but fierce like a cat.  So lets together make the month of March come in Strong like a lion and out strong like one as well!  That way I can keep the sheep as stuffed animals piled up on my bed where they belong.

I have been working on mini goals a lot lately.  I keep stumbling.  I am trying to participate in the #7daychip on Twitter.  This is a GREAT program that allows you to set your own goals! Imagine that right?  I have made only 2 attempts to get through the goals I have set for myself and guess what,  I did not succeed.  I feel a little bit that I was overly ambitious in my goals, but the point of the program as I see it is not to just make it thought the days, it is to challenge yourself, step out of the box and make yourself aware of your behaviors. 

So I am going to continue taking things one day at a time as I restart on day 1 tomorrow, Again.  Mini goals seems so easy when I set them, and then blow up when I get into the real world of busy days.  I can do this I am worth it.  Are you up for the challenge?

3 thoughts on “Checking In 62/365

  1. I’ve broken my goals down into mini goals, and I must say that the beginning of March is looking pretty good. Mind you it’s only the 4th day into the month 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering about that whole “7-day chip” thing!! Thanks for the info and good luck!! You can totally rock it, lady.

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