Chip off the old Mountain!

So I am working again on #7daychip Currently on day 2.  I have a ton of goals set for myself to go along with my Journey to Health. 

So since you asked, my current goals for my #7daychip are, while small for most are ambitious for me.  Since it is about me I get to say it is a struggle!

Water Water Water.  Last time I attempted my chip (and failed) I wanted to consume 1 PriorFatGirl bottle of water a day.  I am SEVERELY underhydrated.  I know this.  On average I am lucky if I consume 36 ounces of fluid a day.  So this time I am going for gusto! Minimum of 3 PFG water bottles a day.  More is better, in fact more is AWESOME!!! I got in 5 on my first day.  I am tracking them with rubber bands on the bottle. 

Start staying UNDER or just at my caloric limit. The last few weeks I have been letting myself slide around on my calories.  I try to limit my calorie intake to 1500/day.  The doctor said this is a good place for me to be to achieve my long-term success.  I am okay with it.  Unfortunately my food diary wont let me set the calories right at 1500.  It likes to calculate what it thinks I need.  So some weeks it wants 1518 and some weeks it wants 1495.  Not a big deal right?  Right, however I keep saying, okay well 1525 isn’t that bad, then I look and weeks of 25 extra calories a day start adding up and it is slowing me down! 

Take your pills! I am REALLY bad at remembering to take my medicine.  Not just vitamins, but my actual everyday required medicines!  For years I have been on prescription meds and for years I have tried to remember to take them.  I have set alarms on my phone, put big poster sized notes on the door, left the pills in obvious places and I still mess it up.  So part of my chip plan is to be less dippy and take my meds on time every time! 

You are worth it.  This isn’t a food goal, but something I need to work on none the less.  I look in the mirror and tell myself something good about myself out loud.  My god is this embarrassing.  I don’t like this one.  I can’t believe I put it on the list.  I think maybe I should write them down in a book but that will be for another day.

So while there is not a lot to my #7daychip goal list it is a start.  My other goals I am working at right now are hit the 250 lb. mark (at which point there will be a nice surprise here on the website! so stay tuned!!)  I also still want to do a 5k, but I need to find one that works with my schedule, meaning not on a Saturday and we all know I will only be walking it.  No running stupid knees!  So there ya have it! 

Oh!! Before I go in NSV news I can now use the tall skinny ladder in our warehouse to get to the high shelves and pull parts.  I was never able to do this before.  While I am still afraid of heights, I can now get to those shelves!!!

3 thoughts on “Chip off the old Mountain!

  1. I think those are fantastic goals!!! Even though the last one… saying something good about yourself out loud may be embarrassing… I think it’s my favorite one on your list.

  2. I am so behind on reading blogs, but I had to comment on this one. I have spotted your comments about the 7 day chip on Twitter, and I think you’re doing awesome! Sometimes we don’t figure things out on the first try — and that’s why I say failure is just a step towards success.

    I don’t know what you use as a food/calorie tracking program, but if you want something really customizable, as far as entering a calorie range that works for you (YOU tell it, not vice versa), I can’t recommend enough. Plus, there is a fantastic goal tracker, as well. It’s really been a help in getting me to remember my meds and water intake!

    You keep telling that girl in the mirror what she deserves to hear (LOVE that!) 🙂

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