#PriorFatPack 5k

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This is the true story… of a bunch of tweeps… who were bored one night…who decided to go for the waddle of their lives… to find out what happens… when people stop being FAT… and start getting HealthyThe #PRIORFATPACK

Thats right people, you are hearing it right here on my blog, I have put that big circle on the last weekend of May with #PriorFatPack5K written on it.  Last night James and Sabrina and I were tweeting a bit and started talking about a 5k, and before we knew it *wham!* Liz, and Ann joined in and without knowing so Lindsay & Elle had been roped in and Jen had been tagged in as well!  Once word got out even more people wanted in on the 5k including Jenn.

I think it is truly AMAZING the community that I have found here on the web and in Minneapolis.  So I want to say thank you all for supporting me, eachother everyone.  Thank you Jen for making it possible for me to have met these wonderful people.  They make the road to getting to my goal a little less lonely, and seem a little less long. 

So now our little ratpack PriotFatPack needs to pick a race.  If you are interested in joining us, you are welcome to! Whether you waddle walk or run, no matter what shape you are in, Please feel free to come out!  Check us out on Twitter! We are organized over on facebook as well, but twitter is a great way to get a shout in that you are interested.

So where does that leave you Kris?  Your doctor said running can be dangerous for your joints.  Well, I can walk, I can walk fast?  Okay… Today I did my first c25k (couch to 5k program.  I hopped on the treadmill at the gym, punched the pace to 2.5-2.8 for the walk portion and the “run” is a nice 4.0 mph.  I know this isn’t really a “run” and I am only “running” for 60 seconds.  I was being VERY careful concentrating on my landings and strides.  in my mind going over the joint protective measures the doctors have covered with me time and again.  So I am thinking about knee braces?  I am much smaller than the last time I thought about them.  I might have to talk to the doctor about them.  I have determined I need to get running shoes, my walking shoes are great for well… walking.  They seem too I don’t know flat maybe for running. 

Anyway, I only walked for like 10 or 15 seconds of at most 2 of the 8 sessions of the run.  I was proud… no AM proud of myself.  My hips feel tight tonight, but that is to be expected I think.  I also took my water aerobics class after my run.  No giving up!

So there you have it! My 2011 5k is on the books folks… still need to Sushi this year.

5 thoughts on “#PriorFatPack 5k

  1. That was so amazing! Elle and I don’t even live in Minnesota, so we are flying to run with our friends. I can’t speak for Elle, but I don’t have this sort of circle down here. Also amazing is that you took it upon your self to do your first C25K. All I can say is: slow and steady and have a rest day between each run! You will do great!!

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