Calling YOU out!

Hey You… Yeah you!!! Right there, have you heard of the #PriorFatPack? We are walking or running or waddling in the Charities Challenge Challenge Hearts and Minds.  Like you have anything better to do on Memorial Day at 8:00 in the morning?  I just submitted my registration! It is official! I should go play my confirmation numbers in the lottery because my god I NEVER thought the day would come when I would willingly and excitedly go anywhere to exercise.  Want to come? You know you want to!!! I will be giving FREE hugs out! I am a great hugger!!! Ask anyone that has gotten them, nothing beats a squishy warm hug from me!   Don’t be scared, we will build you up and make you strong!  Do you live to far away to join in this walk?  Be a part of our pack from afar! Virtual 5k buddy system! This is your chance for greatness!!!! Anyway… enough of that!

Today was a no c25k day.  They say you aren’t supposed to do the training things back to back, so I walked a half mile on the track, because I still need to exercise for my weight loss and I took my water aerobics class.  I was interested to learn about a woman locally who is in her 90’s and still teaching water aerobics!  My Monday/Wednesday teacher has taken on a position at the YMCA (I am at the YWCA currently) and is going to try to get her to come guest teach once for us!  That is just AMAZING to me.  I NEED to meet this woman.  So that’s my day in a nutshell! I did it I signed up… in the voice of Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz, This shit got real!

3 thoughts on “Calling YOU out!

  1. ME! ME! ME! I want to run with you guys too! I saw your Twitter party the other night and was dying to bust in! I am so proud of you Kris – C25K is no joke and you will crush it! Keep up the hard work!

    • You totally should have jumped into the conversation! you would have been welcomed with open arms for sure!
      Are you on facebook? WE have a group on there but you have to be invited in (to keep the riffraff out) If not thats ok you can keep following along on twitter. I will also send you an email with an invite to the race team!

      Woohoo!!! I am so pumped!!!

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