High Anxiety

So tomorrow is my weigh in at the University of Minnesota weight clinic again. It was supposed to be about 2 weeks ago, and due to the doctors schedule my appointment was cancelled. UGH! I don’t like when that happens but I like my doctor there, and the clinic is always slammed with people. Anyway, I have had three weeks of anxiety about my impending weigh in.

Why am I nervous about my weigh in? I keep talking about it, to pretty much anyone that will listen. I know that my gym friends are sick of hearing about it because it as been 3 weeks of impending whats going to happen at the doctors anxiety.

Now, I own a scale… I can tell you exactly what is going to happen… I will go, check in, they will take my vitals weigh me, and guess what… I will have lost weight. I will not have lost as much as I wanted. I want to be losing at a much faster rate, like I had been when I was 400 pound. I will talk to the doctor about this, she will tell me all the things I already know. Things like it is not a race, and more activity will help you lose faster, and your body cannot sustain a loss rate now like it once could and plateaus happen. 

So I get it, but I still sit in high anxiety mode.  I guess I want to hear good news.  I like to hear that big number.  Big is becoming a relative term though, 10 pounds or so in 10 weeks is what I think it is coming out at.  Nothing to squawk at, a nice consistent rate, attainable goals.   

So watch my Twitter tomorrow (Tuesday) because I will be updating that from inside the doctor’s office! Stop back tomorrow night for a post about how far I have come on my journey according to the doctors scale. 

Also in other news I finished Week 1 of the c25k today! 1.51 miles in 30 mins.  I am getting stronger… these thighs will carry me to Victory!

3 thoughts on “High Anxiety

  1. Congratulations on the successful c25k workout.
    Good luck tomorrow at the Dr. I have always been nervous about what my weight will be when I go to appointments. It doesn’t matter, heavy or thin, I worry what that number will be. Breathe ~ you are doing an amazing job!!

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