72Weeks… give or take.

So for those of you that follow me on twitter, you watched my stress level rise this afternoon as my 15:20 appointment at the University of Minnesota Weight Management Clinic become a much MUCH later appointment. 

I arrived ahead of schedule, like we are told to, and I sat… and sat, and asked how far behind the doctor was.  The “delay” board, much like those above the highways was promising, not even backed up by a half hour.  Awesome, I thought I can still make it to the gym.  (LIARS!)

My first mistake was getting excited when they called me back for vitals.  I rounded the corner popped my shoes off as I stepped into the room where the scale large enough to weigh anyone is.  The nurse said, just so you know we don’t have a room for you just yet.  Well pardon my french but fuck a duck…   This is NEVER a good sign.  So I hopped, okay, not literally hopped as this scale is built into the floor, but sauntered perhaps onto the scale, head held high and looked around to see the little display of numbers… its like behind the damn scale.  WTF!

All the waiting yesterday… all the buildup and anxiety I have been feeling… and I can’t see what they number was.  The little chickie doing my vitals praised me for doing so well, obviously I had lost weight, she shuffled papers around, grabbed the BP Cuff and slapped it on me along with the ET finger.  I love the ET finger.  Do you know what I am talking about?  The O2 reader?  When I was younger and in the hospital they told me it was called the ET finger because it makes the end of your finger glow.  It has just kinda stuck with me.  Anyway, my Oxygen level was at 100% my BP was GREAT… they she put the ET finger back on me and wanted to check my pulse again.  Apparently she didn’t believe that my resting pulse rate was as low as it was. Way to make my pulse go up thinking something was wrong with me!

Back into the waiting room… They had the air conditioner on… it was chilly, I kept getting up and walking around, trying to get the blood moving… I probably looked like a crazy person.  I started getting hungry… I asked about eating at the doctor’s office, Jen (Priorfatgirl) was of the opinion I was that its okay to eat when you need to, So I pulled out my Larabar and chowed down.  Come to find out @Larabar agrees and taking care of oneself is important! I was happy I ate, I felt less grumpy about still not being seen. 

At this point it dawned on me I was going to be the last patient of the day, the scheduling people were leaving the hospital, the other people who had been in the waiting area had pretty much disappeared.  I had been once again offered the opportunity to reschedule.  No way, I did not wait this long to leave!  [As a side note to this, it speaks volumes about my thoughts of this particular doctor, her approach to weight-loss and wellness that I will wait more than an hour to see her]

Finally I glimpsed the doctor, as she called the partner of a patient to come back into the room.  At this point an exam room had finally opened up and the nurse called me back.  I asked how long it would be… they were again unsure.  I was just happy to have moved to a smaller waiting area. I was told that Dr Beckman’s nurse wanted to talk to me.  This is typical, at least for me.  Mary is super nice!  She comes in and kinda asks how things are going, and is always amazed at what I am accomplishing. 

Mary pulled up a graph of my weight loss since I started with the program, well shortly before the program actually.  If we were to push back apparently I topped out over 430 pounds… YUCK! We looked at all kinds of data that they have about me thanks to the clinic.  My blood pressure has been on a steady decline, and my resting pulse rate has done AMAZINGLY well.  We printed that off for the doctor to look at when she got into the room. 

Apparently my results are exactly what they wish for.  I have been dubbed the Golden one the Poster Child.  It was nice to hear the praise form a medical professional as opposed to all the years of negative things that I heard. 

We continued to chat about changes I have made.  I talked about my goals, getting to 250lbs, breaking the 200 lost mark.  Outside of the losing weight category I explained about the #PriorFatPack.  See when I started reading Jen’s (PriorFatGirl) blog I talked about her influence on me to them.  They thought it was so cool.  So I went on to explain that my new friends and I met because of that website.  I told Mary about the 5K and how it just sort of exploded one night and how it’s just this AMAZING group of people and that we know the struggles, but we will cheer each other across the finish line. She was astounded by the idea of us. 

Eventually I was alone again… the doctor came in, apologised for her tardiness.  I explained that I understand that it happens.  I have unfortunately been that patient that screws the schedule up for everyone.  With the obesity crisis our nation faces I appreciate the thoroughness that Dr Beckman takes with each patient.  She really treats you as a whole person.  It is an approach that needs to be taken with more medicine, I think we will find more healing takes place this way. 

We discussed my 15 pound loss since my last checkup… finally I knew the number.  Not bad… I talked about my concerns that I was not losing fast enough.  I was assured that 169 pounds over less than 73 weeks is actually a phenomenally fast rate to lose weight.  and to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks is a really good rate.  She reminded me that I am not losing water weight at this point.  When you start out your body has so much garbage to shed you put up big numbers, it gets hard, you have to fight. 

We talked about my ehlers-danlos.  She wants me to be reevaluated next year instead of two years from now.  I am okay with that.  Perhaps I can get a clearer picture of the risks associated with my disease as a smaller person.  When I went before they told me that as much as my weight had been a negative thing it was actually also a positive thing because it protected my body. 

We went over a lot of things, we spent a good chunk of time in the office.  I appreciate that she did not rush to get out of there.  I always dislike being the last patient of the day because sometimes I feel like they just want to get home.  I also told Dr Beckman about #priorfatpack She loves it! I told her about our 5k, and she has complete confidence is all of us that we will finish! 

So I left there with a note to come back in 3 months… which I now have to call and schedule since it was too late.  I missed my water aerobics class, but I did not miss Trivia tonight! W00t W00t!  Team Damn Skippy(3rd place this week, first place last week)!

I have really grown into my new life and I am really happy in it.  No matter where you are on your journey, keep imagining yourself happy!  Even if you aren’t sure what will make you happy, just imagine yourself smiling and you will find yourself there!  I promise!!! Yes it is sappy but it is so true!!!

(TL:DR version, Lost 15/169, poster child for weight loss clinic yay me, go #priorfatpack life will be/is good if you keep on truckin)

So this rock star is about to get her Wii on since there was no gym time today! See you when I see you!

4 thoughts on “72Weeks… give or take.

  1. I loved reading this post! I have had a mini-hiatus from most of the blogs I read (all weight loss blogs), due to some personal stuff that I plan to share in my own journal space as soon as I can muster the courage to share. Just want you to know that reading this was so encouraging, and such a dose of perspective that I really needed.

    I am sorry, too, that I dropped the ball on getting back to you re: scheduling our coffee/dinner/gym time. This week isn’t gonna work for me, but maybe we could set something up in early April, if you’re game? I’m ready to see those ROCKSTAR jeans, girl! lol!

    • No worries babes! The first week of April is a bit busy for me, Robb’s birthday is the 7th, but we will totally get together. 🙂 are you still in for the 5k? Jen just announced a get together for the 2nd of April I think it is. I would love to see you come into the city for it. It is on a Saturday.

      Either way, if you need me, or need me to poke you with a sharp stick you know how to find me 🙂 online and off! (hugs)

  2. I will see what I can do about making it in for the get-together. If you could send me the deets, that would be great. I haven’t been able to follow her blog as much lately — is it posted there somewhere?

    You poke away. I’m still here, and I still want what I want. I’ll take all the support I can get, and you give it as good as anyone I know! Thanks for being there!

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