Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Johnson T7000 Treadmill @ TaiSPO 2006.

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So today was W2D1 of C25k, wow I live in a world with far too many abbreviations.  For those of you that aren’t in the #priorfatpack, or on board with the lingo W#D# is Week#Day# and C25K is Couch to 5k, it is a training program designed to help get you into shape for a 5k.

Now that we are on the same bat page same bat channel, I will confess… I am afraid.  If we were to sit in a room and discuss the impending 5k I would slink to the side and quietly let it be known that I will likely be the last one to cross the finish line.  Does that matter? No, in fact I currently have a piece of jewelry on special order that says…

 PriorFatPack5k Walk Run Finish

That is my goal, just cross the finish line.  We will all cross the finish line.  So I did continue my training at the YWCA on the treadmill, slowly.  My joints are screaming at me with every step  I took.  I really did not want to run today, I did not even want to move today, but I popped my Tylenol and went anyway. 

You know what I decided I don’t like in the gym, Mirrors.  Of the 4 times I have trained now, three of these times I have managed to end up at least partially in front of the mirror.  Unfortunately today I was squarely in front of the mirror.  I hated every moment of my workout.  As I walked I analysed my face, and the flab on my arms.  Did anyone ever watch that show Ally McBeal?  I have a freaking waddle!  As I ran I focused on that disgusting wiggle.  I was full on in hate mode with myself.  Why… that stupid mirror on the wall.  So I tried not focusing on it, I looked at the time on the program, I looked at the people running on the treadmills next to me.  Eventually I started looking myself in the eye.  I started to find my rhythm, but I am not happy with it.  2.5mph for a walk and 4.0mph for a run is just not as fast as I would like.  I feel out-of-place on the treadmill, but I am not confident enough to run on the track yet.  I can’t help but feel like a horse on the treadmill either. 

I will be avoiding those mirrors if it kills me! The make me so negative.  I do not need to stand there and criticize myself for my entire workout.  Mirror Mirror go away!

So I did my 30 min training, and since I had 10 mins left on the schedule before my class I continued on the treadmill alternating at my own pace with the walk/run.  I ended up with 2 miles in 40 mins.  While this is not going to break any records I am proud of it.  This means I stand a chance at pulling under an hour for a 5k. 

So tonight I sit, with ice bags on my knees and heating pads on my hips.  Nothing seems to be taking the ache out.  I feel like I have been beaten to a pulp.  I felt bad before my run, I feel worse now.  Hopefully by my next training session I will be feeling better.

So, does anyone else feel like they will be the last one to finish? Does it matter? How do you get yourself psyched up to keep going?

8 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. I hear you about the C25K training! Last to finish? I’m okay with that. Just as long as I finish AND get a t-shirt of some sort. 😉

    I’m doing W2D2 tomorrow. And I’m just really glad my gym is tiny and doesn’t have any mirrors anywhere. 🙂

    • I work out at the YWCA so it’s pretty spacious, although I have had to fight for machines since January, yay for people getting healthy but boo for no room for me!! However you would THINK they would know mirrors in a workout area, atleast the cardio area is not good for body image.

      This is my first walk/run/race of any time in my adult life. I think the last one I did I was about 15, so my nerves are sure to get the best of me a few times before the big day. I am just so glad to have so many friends/new friends to cheer me on and that I can in turn cheer on.
      Yay for W2D2! Grind it out!

  2. Jay and I DID finish last at a race last year. Abnd it felt horrible for a minute, until I reminded myself I did a 5k. And what about everyone else, who is sitting at home, NOT doing it? I still felt pride and accomplishment for finishing – even finishing last. I agree about the mirrors, and I’m so proud of you for doing it!! When I ran my 1st ever treadmill mile, it was at a 4.0

  3. Tour De Tonka 2010. My SO and I ride a tandem recumbent bike. 2009 we did the 70 mile route. 2010 included a new 100 mile route! I signed us up. We finished last. There were two guys on Harleys that were in charge of sweeping the route. We made them very late for dinner. The last 25 miles, they were riding pretty close on our tail and those things are LOUD. While it probably was pushing us to peddle a little faster, the noise was making me cranky. We didn’t sign up to be first, or anywhere near first. We do the ride to get us out of our comfort zone and into areas we wouldn’t typically bike to. At one stop, I told the Harley Guys that we don’t quit. Not unless the bike fails or there’s an awful lot of blood. I asked them to please back off and let us enjoy the ride. And we finished. Dead last. Somebody has to! We achieved our goal: Finish a great/ambitious bike ride. Try not to worry. You’ll be in good company. You’ll be fine. Really.

  4. My joints (especially my hips) are hurting too. I usually “run” on the elliptical, so the treadmill has been an adjustment.

    You have to get out of your head – think about all that you have accomplished and are working towards. So proud of you!!

    As for race day – it doesn’t matter where you finish. You will finish and you will be surrounded by friends! That is awesome and a lot more than others can say. 🙂

    • I usually run on the elliptical as well, I can pound out 5k or often times more with no problem on there. It really is the adjustment of the pounding on the joints that has been tough… and getting out of my head.
      I am looking forward to being surrounded by the pack for race day, I think the energy will let me get out of my head and just enjoy it 🙂

  5. You have the guts to TRY this, which is more than many people have at the moment, including me. 🙂

    It isn’t about where you place, it’s about crossing that line! Focus on that. And cross that line, you WILL. I have no doubt. And you’ll look fabulous doing it, I don’t care what your head tells you when you look in those gym mirrors! (The conspiracy theorist in me thinks they are modified to make you look flabbier than you are, just to keep you coming to the gym, anyway.) 😉

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