Wii want to Rest!

So as someone new to the whole running thing, and someone who had bad joints and is prone to injury I am taking my training for the 5k slow.  I am absolutly putting a solid day of rest from the running between my c25k sessions.  Trouble is I usually only hit he gym Monday thru Thursday.  I may have to start swinging a Sunday in there just to get things moving.  Each c25k workout has 3 sessions, if done every other day with a break I should be in good shape, trouble is when I am oncall for work I can’t exactly be in the gym.  I am working to get things moved around so I can get a run in and have time to ice down etc when I am oncall on Fridays, Saturdays it is not likely to happen though. 

I am not however giving up all my other working out just because I am training for the 5k.  That just seems silly.  I am however modifying what I am doing.  No more 5k sessions on the elliptical accompanied with the recumbent bike and the water aerobics until I feel a little stronger.  I am just subbing the running in for the elliptical.  I am not going nearly as far, but I think I am doing okay.  Plus, hello this is real life McFly things are not perfect.  (I typoed perfect oddly enough)

So on the days when I run I still take my water class, I enjoy the water it is really good for my joints and I think it probably helps decompress some things that I strain when I run.  260 pounds of me pounding on my feet/ankles/knees is probably not the most forgiving feeling in the world. 

So what about my latest purchase for my fitness life?  The Wii? Well, I am still using it.  I have the Wii Fit Plus, which has a “free walk” option where you just walk in place, I use it to work on intervals.  I like the boxing game that came with Wii Sports Resort.  I totally groove on getting all sweaty throwing punches at those little guys and even jump around in a little circle with my arms in the air when I have laid the smackdown on them.  I am such a nerd.  Today I bought Just Dance 2 and let me tell you, I may not be the best at being coordinated, but it was so much fun. 

So in my off days from my running I will still be doing my best to work on my cardio at home, and my knees still get to feel a bit of impact, but I think it is okay.  Any more experienced people out there think it’s a bad thing? 

So wii may want to rest but there is no rest for those of us that have big aspirations of meeting our goals.  I am just trying not to overdo it.

6 thoughts on “Wii want to Rest!

  1. I absolutely LOVE WiiSports!! I also have Just Dance 1 and EA Sports for Wii and I love them all. The mini-games on the Wii Sports allows me to do a little something every day which goes a l – o – n – g way to keeping me moving and in less pain. Now, if they would come out with Yoga for Wii, I would so be in heaven!! Keep up the good work!

    Lana D.

    • There are actually a few Yoga games out for the Wii. I saw one at gamestop that was just called “Yoga”. It was pretty cheap too I want to say around $10.00, I passed on it since the Wii fit Plus actually has Yoga as a component to it.
      I have a lot of trouble with the yoga stuff, my balance is horrible! It also always seems to leave me achy for a few days which is just not what I am going for.
      Thanks for the encouragement! 😀 Hope you find the wii yoga game!

  2. I am by no means “more experienced”, but I am of the belief that it is good to listen to your body. It will tell you when you are overdoing it. You’ve been in this game long enough to know when you are pushing an injury, and that is the last thing you want to happen as you are trying to train.

    I am so impressed that you are RUNNING. I am considering the 5K after seeing JP at the gym the other day, but if I do it, I have no intentions of running (at least not at this point.) YOU GO girl! So proud of you.

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