No Folgers in my Cup!

So those that know me, know my schedule is well… odd.  I am on call pretty much from 14:00 until 04:00 every day except Sunday.  On until 04:00 Sunday and then off Until Monday.  Typically my afternoons and evenings have been pretty free from interruption, I can’t avoid having phone duty from Midnight until 4:00 during the week, and on Saturdays I have the phones for 12 hours.  When I am able to find a replacement for my 12-hour shift it is usually Robb.  When we decide to go out-of-town it is a disaster to find someone to cover our shifts.  That is neither here nor there.  Today is Robb’s 14 hour day in the office/with the phones and of course it was mega-crazy! 

So my day started out with my cell phone ringing as I sleepily looked at the clock to see it was just after 14:00.  UGH! If my phone is ringing at that time something is up.  I had planned to sleep till about 15:00 go for a run, hit the showers do a few things… my mistake… never make plans on a Friday.  So I hurriedly got dressed and headed out for what would be a very busy day.

What is missing from this scenario?  A key part of every other morning in my life… my freaking breakfast.  If I have learned nothing over the last year and a half of eating better and working out, and listening to my body, I have learned that you need to feed it! Even if you aren’t going to be doing much you still need food.  Furthermore, if you are used to eating a good breakfast… when you don’t get one you get bitchy cranky and HUNGRY!!!! So after I had been in and out of the airport a few times I got the all clear that things had settled down and I was safe to come into the office for a while before my next set of jobs.   Well thank goodness because this meant I could grab food! 

I headed for the one place I knew was on my way, and wasn’t going to blow my whole diet for the day.  Plus it was something I could consume slowly enough that it would feel like I ate.  Sometimes I inhale my food and forget to taste it, and that just sucks!!! I hit up… SUBWAY!!!! I loooove me some Subway.  Loaded my Turkey sandwich up with veggies, no cheese, and headed to the office.  I ate half of it, and gave the other half to Robb, who I didn’t know was also hungry (his Wendy’s did not keep him full all afternoon).

At the office I did my paperwork, helped out with some phone stuff since it was so busy and then I smelled it… sweet wafting overly sugary frosted goodness… Someone had bought a cake and left it in the office.  It must have been a birthday or something… Yellow cake, with that sweet sugary what appears to be real buttercream frosting on it from Kowalski’s market.  Sweet Mother of all things holy I don’t even like cake that much but I wanted to lick the icing off the cake and the plate. 

I put my head into my work and I just kept working but the smell of the cake literally sitting 3 feet from me was just… too much.  I had to leave the office.  I still had time to kill before my next job but I could not take it.  I opened the box and took a sniff of the sweet scent, and slammed the lid shut.  I grabbed my keys coat and purse and went to my car.  Yes there is food in my car.  I live in Minnesota and drive for a living… there is Peanut butter, a bag of popcorn and some dried fruit left, My jerky I gave to a homeless man since it was about a month from expiring and his sign said he was hungry.  :/ Once I was away from the cake the thoughts about it did not stop.

So now I sit here trying to pinpoint why?! I traced it back to the repeating pattern of behavior… I missed breakfast.  While I did not eat the cake, I did not taste that sweet sweet frosting… I sit here nearly drooling thinking of it lingering on my tongue.  Why is it when I miss breakfast it seems to screw my whole day up? 

The last time I missed breakfast I let it take the whole rest of my day! I ended up consuming everything from a Larabar to Fries and chocolate that day… it was in the toilet.  It wasn’t due to lack of trying, it was due to, everything I ate made me hungrier. 

So I am really proud of myself today for not having the cake… for getting away from the situation.  I am happy I isolated what I think was making me want the damn cake so bad.  The toll house cookies here at the house are not tempting at all, nor are the other junky foods, just that freakin cake!   I just need to remember that there are quick things that are satisfying for breakfast that are grabbable on days like today.

What do you have for breakfast?  I know the green monster is quite popular, I have never had one, I dont have a blender… although I should get one… and throw away that milkshake mixer! 😀

2 thoughts on “No Folgers in my Cup!

  1. Ohhhh Kris, sounds like quite the day!! Proud of you for not eating that cake!! I usually gravitate towards hard-boiled eggs, fruits, and a banana with peanut butter. Have a great weekend, and thank you for the sweet (and funny) email!!

  2. go you! it would be very difficult for me to ever pass up cake! i generally have a very small protein shake first thing in the morning. around nine, i’ll have a yogurt or a little bit of cottage cheese. i just found a really great-looking recipe for some crustless quiche muffins, though. low-fat and full of protein. i’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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