I Qualify! Do you?

So when I was at the doctors last week, talking with the nurse she got all excited and rushed to open up the web browser on the slow computer in the exam room.  Mary told me that because of my success with weight-loss she wanted me to know about this really cool website where they gather data from people who have lost 30 pounds or more and managed to keep it off for a year or more.  The website is called The National Weight Control Registry.

I was intrigued and tonight I am checking out the website.  Mary told me that it is so important that people who have successfully been able to take the weight off and keep it off share their info on this website because they publish their findings. More data can only help them!

According to the website they have published articles about the eating and workout habits of the people who shared their data.  They also have published info about the behaviors of them, things like, do you own a scale, how often do you weigh yourself etc.  So if you ever wondered where that information comes from, you could be a part of it!

The website also shares Success Stories.  If you have a few moments head on over and check it out! Even if you don’t yet qualify for the registry you should take a peek, and if you do meet the requirements think about signing up! It is run my the Brown Medical School it is legit.  We can help others by sharing our lifestyle info with them.

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