Through the Looking Glass

Mirror Mirror on the wall, tonight I have an ego that is NOT so SMALL!  So today I caught a glimpse of me in the full length mirror as I was leaving the gym.  3302011I couldn’t really believe my eyes.  At Target this week, which isn’t known for having the most standard sizes I bought a few new pocket t-shirts.  They don’t usually make them for women, especially not in a length that works for me so they are mens but whatever.  The shirt I am wearing in that photo… the one I went back and bought in 8 (eight!!!) colors ladies and gents is an XL!!! I have never in my adult or adolescent life been a size XL.  EVER!

The pants in that picture… which you can’t see real well, are Lane Bryant size 16! I am nearing the end of my long-term relationship with LB.  Not quite ready to break it off yet, but the time is nearing.  My curves, which are many make it hard to find a good fit.

I still feel I lack a certain measure of style but hey, it works for me.  I am planning a trip up to the Albertville outlets with a friend to scope out some new clothes and maybe fond a new bra or two.  I am hoping to do this sooner rather than later.  It would be nice to have some outside input on my clothes.

I love that I had a good body image today.  I avoided mirrors and negative thoughts tonight and asked Robb to take a photo of me, and have sailed on this high tonight.  It is really nice to have days like these. 

9 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. You look awesome! I just found your blog from a comment you made on Jen’s (priorfatgirl)blog and I look forward to following you on your journey! Keep it up!

  2. Oh man… I remember so vividly when I terminated my long term relationship with Lane Bryant – it was awesome! Now… I love Ann Taylor LOFT! Hope to see you there soon. 🙂 You definitely deserved to have a big ego today. Congrats!

  3. Amazing! It will definitely be a big accomplishment to end that LB relationship. (Though for me it will be Torrid, heh.)

    Through the looking glass, eh? I think you’ve been in Dietland longer than I have! 😉

    • I have been a longtime resident in dietland. I started weightwatchers at like age 11, but this time its a lifestyle change and its been since 2009.
      And yes The looking glass it is truly a great metaphor for what has gone on in life 🙂 Glad to see you poking around 🙂

  4. You look fabulous Kris – it was great seeing you on Saturday. I recall terminating my long term relationship with LB also – it wasn’t too long ago – it’s the best feeling! Have fun shopping! Congrats!

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