Trapped in Temptation Corner!

So today I had a plan all laid out to venture to the Mall of America for two reasons.  One as the ever shrinking woman I needed some new shirts so I don’t look all frumpy dumpy as temperatures soar into the 50’s this week and Old Navy’s clearance section is just the place for me to occasionally score a killer deal, and two I had to see The Human!

For those of you that aren’t yet familiar with The Human Doing because you live, under a rock… sorry I meant not in Minnesota 😀 That is No Excuse! Apparently He was featured in Times Square! How cool is THAT!

Anyway the Human Doing is one man, in a box for a month!!!! He is living a healthier life and letting all of us watch! Notice any similarity there?  Hello isn’t that what all us bloggers kinda do? Ya know without the see thru walls.  So knowing this I totally had to go scope it out for myself and see what this was about.
Why are you in a Box?

So does this sound like many of our lives already?  Something we talked about briefly on Saturday at Coffee and Conversation… which almost felt like Coffee and Confession was that we spend so much of our time living our lives healthy that it almost consumesThe Human us, and that when we aren’t being consumed by making the right healthy choices we are sucked into blogland and twittertown and emailhell.  Well check out his very own contact list!

That’s right folks, Follow this man! Twitter, Facebook, and blogroll him! (photo of his info on the right)

As you can see from this photo he is quietly working at his desk.  What does he do in there.  Well I spoke to one of the Blue Cross representatives outside his “apartment” and she told me he is actually an entertainer by trade so while it may appear he is at times talking to himself he is actually rehearsing for his next gig! I wonder what it is!

I am jealous!!!Workout EquipmentText your vote!

I have to say… Jealousy is an ugly monster! After living my healthy lifestyle for as long as I have been, I am honestly jealous of this guy.  Look at all the neat workout stuff he gets access to right there in his little apartment.  Now granted no one in their right mind wants to watch this chunkadunk go at it in the gym right? Let alone in the Mall of America, but so cool! I spent a bit of time walking around the perimeter of his apartment to get a feel for what his lifestyle was looking like.  I wish I could have peeked into his fridge a bit but that is just me.  I noticed that his fruit was all lumped together on the counter in a bowl and the bananas were starting to look a bit overripe.  Separate them out for a longer shelf life! However all these wonderful things come with a price… do you see that “vote” photo I snapped. That is right readers he puts some of his exercise fate in or hands!  He is trying to show everyone how to build more activity into our routines a little bit at a time.  Did you know if you workout for just 10 minutes 5 times a day you have worked out for 50 minutes?! You can even workout along with him!  I think I would let people tell me what to do if I got to have all that snazzy equipment to myself all the time!

As I took it all in I realised that this man, who is out to change his life for the better, and show others that it takes only small sustainable changes to make a lifelong impact is trapped not in the box, his wife was in to see him today and he went out to lunch (where HELLO he custom ordered food! How awesome is that! ) but in temptation corner! His apartment in MOA is located right between… Toll House Cookies Edy’s Ice Cream and Kemps Ice Cream!  Now I totally get that this is how life is.  We are constantly surrounded by temptation.  We are more likely to eat things that are in plain sight.  I can only hope that he is not a sweets person!
Sideshot of his apartment

That is a shot taken through his apartment.  See the Xbox controller sitting there and the kinect sensor bar? Activity balanced with gaming, I give big props for that! You can also see his kitchen there… and Oh yeah TOLL HOUSE!!!

I asked @TheHumanDoing on twitter how he felt about it, and he said that he spotted them on the first day. 

So how do I deal with Temptation Corner in my own world?  We all have that item that we simply must have.  For some it is a warm fresh cookie from the oven.  Others it is Grandma’s Chicken Potpie, for some it is something as simple as Cheetos that are a temptation too strong. 

I do not live in a world of absolutes.  I tried for many years to live with things being off-limits, in fact this no soda thing is REALLY starting to wear thin.  I might stab someone for a soda before Lent is over.  I subscribe to a simple strategy, or at least simple for me.  One, nothing is off-limits.  This means moderation is the key.  You really only enjoy the first three bites of food anyway.  Good to the last bite does not mean you have to polish off the pint of ice cream of the entire cake.  I freely admit to eating things like ice cream.  I also try to avoid the ohhhh what you are having is so much better than my rabbit food phenomenon that seems so popular.  I want my food to be phenomenal and interesting!  I want my food to taste so much better than what you are eating.  You can have that greasy cheeseburger from McWheraKing’s! I will gladly eat my lunch of grilled chicken on a bed of greens drizzled with cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar and blue cheese pecans.  Hrmm… Who wouldn’t want to eat my lunch instead right? 

The trick really is to make the food choices you want yours!  Yes there is a lot of work that goes into making things the way you want, but it is worth it. Same goes for exercise.  Do I like the rowing machine? No in fact it makes my joints dislocate, so guess what, I don’t do it.  What do I like? I like swimming and the elliptical and Wii fit and Just Dance! So I make it about me!  The changes I have made in my life are small, and sustainable and that is really what The Human Doing is about. 

Make small changes that you can keep up with and you will see amazing results.  I read some staggering statistics about Minnesotans today that 6 out of 10 of us are overweight or obese.  Can I believe it?  Yep. Am I one of them? Sadly yes, but I am working my ass off to change that.  From the outset of my journey I wanted to get healthy.  The weight loss is amazing, and a fantastic side benefit to not feeling like I was going to die anymore.  I now feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. 

I know I am on the path to something great now, I am finally in the right place at the right time just waiting for the next sign to point me in the direction I am supposed to go with my life.  So if nothing else comes from my visit to The Human Doing I am glad to see that someone else out there, aside from myself and all my blogland friends is leading by example.  We can change our lives, reduce our risks of heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, take some stress and strain off our joints.  We can all do just one thing, change one thing and keep doing that every day it will make a big impact.

So Mr “Doing”… I leave you to your work! Keep it up! Day 19 of 30 on the books today, You got this!

Deep in Though

3 thoughts on “Trapped in Temptation Corner!

  1. Giving up meat has been easy in comparison to living in a glass box! I would die being away from my peeps, and my dog!

    So, what did you get at Old Navy?? I have an order coming today from their spring sale and I ordered smaller clothes!

  2. Just catching up on blogs now. SO proud of your recent 5k success on the treadmill!!! You are doing great!! Also, that man in the box is CRAZY, and I agree that the type of accountability would be amazing – to know everyone was watching you, ALL the time!!!!

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