Pain and feeling failure

First thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes for Robb! He reads the blog and was happy to see my friends wishing him well.

The last few days have been a real struggle for me physically. It started with that knee pain I tweeted about. I thought it was the start of a Fibromyalgia flare and it seems I was right. I sit here a few days later still in pain, in other parts of my body. My lower back has always been a particularly sensitive part when I flare.

I have meds I can take when I flare I took one dose, I don’t like them. I don’t like feeling like shit either. The pills also make me crave junk. Tonight I have fallen off the wagon. I ate chips and half a chocolate bar. They tasted soo good. I did not inhale them, I savored them but they contained far more calories than I should have consumed.
I just want the pain to let up. I haven’t had a pain flare like this in a while, for which I am greatful. I forgot just how much days like these sucked.

So I am not beating myself up for my consumption, but I am making it public. I am sharing my rough day with you. I hope my pain lets up soon. 3-days has been enough.

4 thoughts on “Pain and feeling failure

  1. one thing that helps me when I feel like this is something my Mom used to say

    “You cant help the way you feel, you can only help the way you think and act” meaning that you are allowed to have any feeling, its your feelings but you hold the power in choosing how you let yourself think about it and how you act on those feelings (including self talk)

    I like that because it helps me let go of some of the guilt of feeling upset and reminds me that I am in control of how I react to those feelings

    ((huggs)) girlie

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