Pack Mentality

So it has been brought to my attention more than once, well okay not mine specifically but go with me on this okay, that the #priorfatpack is a little intimidating.  How on earth did this come to be? The #priorfatpack is a group of people who share a lot in common.  We all struggle or struggled with our weight at some point in our lives and are forming a supportive environment to get healthy in.

From the outside we sound fierce.  Among us you can find people who have completed a Triathlon, people training for all kinds of races from 1 mile timed races to 5k’s, half marathons, dualathalons, the Warrior-Dash, Ragnars and Triathalons!  Looking at that list is intimidating no doubt!  So how on earth do you keep from running away and hiding under the bed? 

We share a common bond even though we all have our own battles to fight.  We are all venturing down our own paths.  Some members of the pack have experiences great losses in their lives, friends, parents, children, partners.  Some have struggles with other things such as trying to have children.  Some have medical conditions that they battle every day that no one sees or understands. We all want to live healthier lives.

The #priorfatpack is truly a group of THE MOST genuine individuals that I have had the honor to know. Each person that has joined brings something to the group.  Yes we are tough on the outside and intimidating, as well we should be! 

Losing weight, running races, living healthy lives these are NOT easy things! We struggle, we fight every day, there are horrible days where I want to quit. I have already cried through runs, for good reasons and bad.  I have cried making decisions I know will save my life.  This is what it is about!  This is why we have the pack this is why we need the pack.  To build us up to make us strong! 

I gave up having the option to give up when I changed my life this time.  There is no option to go back, there is no restart button no, do over.  This is and was my last chance to do something for myself.  To save my life and the #priorfatpack came along at just the right time.  I was in need of another push, another way to prove to myself that I am strong enough to do things I didn’t think I could. 

These are My People! Do not fear us! Become one of us! If you see us on Twitter, pop up a hello, join a conversation! We do not bite!  If you have a question for one of us ASK! We do not bite.  Yes I do growl! I like to pretend I am The Incredible Hulk. Give me a set of dumbbells in the pool and it is the first thing I do.  I also flex my dinky muscles and make the same rawr! 

So when it all comes down to it I see the #priorfatpack as a carton of eggs.  All sizes and shapes, from Quail eggs to Chicken eggs to Ostrich eggs.  We have this hard outer coating that is there to provide us some protection, but we are mushy inside and pair well with bacon.  MMM Bacon. So Please, don’t be intimidated by the #priorfatpack I have been hearing this a lot lately.  Join us! We will help keep you inspired and reaching your goals!

#PriorFatPack5k is May 30th! Dont live in Minnesota? Sign up for one in your town and tell us about it!!! Live in Minnesota and want to join our team? Leave me a comment and I will send you more info!

4 thoughts on “Pack Mentality

  1. well said….I think from the outside looking in #priorfatpack’s love fest that is our positiveness and uber encouragement of each other can be daunting to someone who may be struggling at that moment.Which is all the more reason to speak up but sometimes speaking up when you are hurting or having a hard time is the hardest thing to do. Many of us have trouble asking for help. It’s like seeing the cool kids in high school except not superficial …we have people from beginning to middle to goal in their journey and we all fight hard every day to keep going. We fight because this is it, this is our shot!

  2. That intimidation comes from trying to measure yourself against others. There is no way I could end up sane if i tried to measure myself vs Tara or Ann. I can’t do it yet. It’s gotta be a results not typical, but indeed possible situation.

  3. Without being offensive, I need to say this: people often times project their own insecurities and unhappiness onto people and situations, rather than lookin inward. Why, exactly, are people feeling intimidated? Kris, you have been honest about your journey, including your C25K training and you are a perfect example that ANYONE can do it. Maybe the feelings of intimidation come from not actually putting in the hard work. Again, not meant to offend but those people who make those claims need to examine WHY they feel that way. You and I both know #priorfatpack is meant to be ANYTHING but intimidating.

  4. You all make me wish I lived in Minnesota!!! I am jealous everytime you guys all get together. I wish I could find a supportive group close to me too. I think you have convince me to join twitter so I can be more involved with all of you!!!

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