Missing Goals & Meeting Tweeps!

It seems like just yesterday that Twitter exploded and the #priorfatpack was formed with the premise of a pack of waddlers doing a 5k.  How is it already the middle of April? Where did all the time to prepare go?  I know the 5k isn’t until May 30th, which still gives me several weeks to prepare but seriously… Did I enter a wormhole in which time sped up and I missed something? I will be gone for a week in May shortly before the 5k, I am REALLY going to have to focus while I am gone to make sure I get my runs in.  I feel like I am not going to be ready by May 30th, but really if finishing was my original goal, I SO GOT THIS!

Today I started attempted Week4Day1 of c25k.  I would like to call in the FailBoat and float back to shore!  I am not ready for what week 4 of my program entails.  When I started my run I felt strong, the first 3 minute run was fine… then the 1:30 walk, was okay but when the 5:00 run came… I was, overwhelmed.  I tried slowing my speed but keeping at a jog but I just could not keep up with the run.  Once I struggled through the 5:00 with a jog-speedwalk and the walk portion, the next 3:00 run was just feeling like too much.  I pushed through it, and the last 5:00 section was what I could only deem a disaster.  I alternated jogging and speed walking that segment, but I did not quit!  I will not quit. Yes I missed my goal of being able to just keep moving along on c25k, but you know what, it is okay to repeat a week, or a day. 

There was only this tiny glimmer of me that felt like this run was a failure.  That feeling only lasted about as long as it took me to think of it.  I thought going into today that I was perhaps not prepared to move onto week 4.  I tried it, instead of playing into my fears and redoing week3 without even trying I faced my fears.  Go Big or Go Home!  I didn’t die because I couldn’t keep up with my program.  I will try again and again until I can do it! I will get stronger. 

The things worth having in this life are not supposed to be easy.  You have to grab onto them and fight for them! Fight to hold onto any piece of that victory that you can grab and keep grabbing until you get a handful! Today I went 1.55 miles in 32 mins.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have been able to go a mile if you gave me all afternoon!

After my c25k attempt, I was off to dinner with the #PriorFatPack’s very own PriorFatGuy JP and a friend named Gene (@boutdrz) who was in our very own Minnesota this week! I am always SUPER excited to meet people off the internet.  I have been meeting people off the internet for… well we will leave it at more than half my life.  I have had great outcomes from many meetings and some not so great results as well.  ( If you are in the area and want to meet for dinner/coffee/walking hit me up! We will put something on the calendar)

Dinner with the boys was so good for the soul.  JP had Lil D with him, and his youthful exuberance and laughter just made me laugh.  What a cutie pie! I enjoyed hearing about what it is that Gene really does, and what JP has been up to! While Twitter and Facebook and Blogs are great… there always seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle.  There is something about an in person interaction that brings all the pieces together and fills in the gaps so to speak.  Time flew by I can’t believe we were there as long as we were.  I had such a freakin awesome time!  I hope Gene comes back to Minnesota and will perhaps have a chance to see a bit more of the state.  Had the weather been nicer JP and I would have loved to show off Minnehaha Falls or one of the other cool places around town!

Have you guys seen Gene around twitter? Here is Gene’s recap! Complete with a Photo!!! Stop by his blog and say HI!

5 thoughts on “Missing Goals & Meeting Tweeps!

  1. “i didn’t die because I couldn’t keep up with the program” – love it. 🙂 Your attitude and insight about training is SO awesome, Kris!!

  2. Exuberance is a perfect word choice! And he’s a ninja.
    As cor the 5k…YOU.GOT.THIS is absolutely correct. Remember your original goal. Be flexible yet consistent with your training.
    You can doooo eeeeeeeet.

  3. See, this is the kind of stuff I need to read. Your attitude makes me think I can do it to. And why not, right? After all, I’m only walking. You’re turning into a RUNNER! BooYA!

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