Peeking at my Dinner

0414010322a.jpgA few weeks ago I fellow blogger Kristi over at Eat Drink Love and Exercise had a contest on her blog where you could enter to win some of the leftover party favors from her Kraft Cooking Creme Party.  So earlier this week I got the package in the mail, a recipe booklet, a wooden spoon a notepad and some coupons! I LOVE coupons!

So off I headed to the store… I bet Kristi didn’t know I hadn’t been able to wait and had already been whipping up different dishes with some of the Cooking Cremes already!  With one of the coupons I got I decided on pizzas this time.  I snagged some garlicky pitas from my favorite local source Holy Land They make AWESOME hummus too!  I used a small bit of the garlic cooking creme and topped my pizza with pepperonchini and kalamata olives and some fat-free mozzarella and fat-free feta. 

Served that pita-pizza up with a heaping pile of cucumbers and some greek-yogurt tzatziki sauce (not pictured) for dipping.  So delish! This makes pizza something easier for me to think about again.  I was never a big fan of frozen pizza so this is great to have as a go-to pizza idea. 

Other things I have done with the cooking creme are pasta tosses and mexican rice dish with loads of pico-de-gallo and lean protein and veggies in it!

Thanks for peeking at my dinner!

7 thoughts on “Peeking at my Dinner

  1. I’ve never heard of this Cooking Creme stuff, but I am intrigued. Is it healthy (assuming the answer to that is YES). 🙂 That looks so yummy! Trader Joe’s has a whole wheat fresh pizza crust dough I’ve wanted to try, and this seems like something that might be good to smother on it!

    • smother is not a good term for healthy eating! 🙂 Its caloric starts arent bad, 100 calories or so for a pretty big blob. If you spread out the dallopps on a large crust I can imagine it would go REALLY far. I used way less than a serving on my pita-pizza 🙂

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