Kick in the Pants!

What did I get Myself into?

Am I REALLY headed to Sushi? REALLY?

So 2011 the year I cross things off my list! When most people spend New Years making their resolutions and the subsequent months not following through it seems a bit depressing.  I have been on my journey to get healthy, lose weight and find things that make me happy.

Edamame,Kick in the Pants Roll,Winter Roll

Edamame, Kick in the Pants Roll, Winter Roll

Happiness… huh… Well… If I am unsure what makes me truly happy then I sure can’t just wait around for it to find me! Time to stop watching others do things and start trying them for myself.  So on my 2011 To Do list are things like Complete a 5k that isn’t on a treadmill, an actual tangible walk complete with T-shirt. (Scheduled, May 30th!) Take camera and visit the boulder field at Ringing Rocks Park (in Pennsylvania).  and Try SUSHI. SAY WHAT?! Girl you done lost your mind, you don’t eat fish! You ate Tuna out of a can, and Papaya Fig and Cream cheese Rolls from Lunds and you think you are going to do Sushi?

So when there was talk of another #SushiTweetup at TiGER Sushi2 well I would not miss my opportunity again! I popped my name on the RSVP list at the last-minute and knew it was time.  Experienced people could help guide me into something that would be a good choice for a Sushi Virgin!  I did not want to end up with… a bad taste in my mouth simply because I didn’t know what I was doing. 

So Today was Fishy Friday! I headed out to TiGER Sushi in Minneapolis.  I got there a little after the “start time” which is unusual for me.  Parked, checked in with work to make sure I was clear for at least a little while and headed in.  I was only a little apprehensive.  I had been asked just prior to heading out by Beth (@WhereitBlooms) how adventurous I was… I feel I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food.  We joked about my Papaya Fig Cream cheese Rolls not being sushi, and that a California roll would also not satisfy the “sushi” demand.  I agree! Besides the worst thing that happens is, (well I could be allergic to it, which I don’t think I have any seafood allergies (YAY!)) I hate it but like I said some hand holding was what I wanted. 

There were tons of twitter peeps there, Too many to mention, as I don’t want to leave anyone out! However our dear #PriorFatPack girl Meredith (@pnutmn) was there! At Coffee and Conversation we talked briefly about sushi, and my desire to try it, and lack of knowledge of knowing what I like.  I was stoked to know I could ask her, or Beth or Missy (@MarketingMama) or Sushi Diva Jenny (@PrincessSushi) for help!

Meredith and her guy Ryan (I think… please correct me if I am wrong) and I decided it was a good idea to perhaps split a few rolls to get my feet wet.  We looked over a special Tweetup Menu (HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! THANK YOU TIGER SUSHI!!!) and decided to get some edamame, which I just love!  I keep a bag in my freezer and eat it as a snack all the time so I knew it would be safe, and fishy free!  We also ordered two rolls off the Tweetup Menu to start.

Kick in the Pants Roll: Inside is a lively mixture of marinated seared tuna, minced fresh ginger, cilantro, fresh mint leaves, cucumber and kaiware sprouts.  Outside is layered with slender filet of tuna that has been marinated in a zingy sauce. Finally it is sprinkles with finely minced jalapeno & red tobiko.

Winter Roll: Inside: Tuna, salmon, & yellow tail, avocado, spicy garlic mayo & mesago.  Outside: sushi rice, crispy tempura flakes & sesame seeds drizzled with unagi sauce and creamy mango sauce.

 So there it was… order placed.  I really wasn’t feeling any anxiety.  I was surprised!  Perhaps it was that I would be crossing something off my list for the year, perhaps it was the great company, perhaps it really was that I am the Brave Little Toaster I thought I could be!  Word got around a bit at the tweetup that I was a #SushiVirgin.  I felt like I should have been wearing a T-shirt or something with a big V on it. 

We devoured about half of the edamame before the rolls came… and then it was time.  Missy offered me some tips about mixing the wasabi into the soy sauce, and to eat the sushi in one bite.  I grabbed my chopsticks and went for the winter roll first.

I grabbed a piece and dipped it, moved it to my mouth and WE HAVE CONTACT!   I gave it a moment for the flavors to register before i began full on chewing.  I wanted to make sure I was not just inhaling it.  As someone who has on more than one occasion inhaled food and not stopped to figure out what it tasted like I wanted to make sure I was experiencing this. 

Guess what? I LIKED IT! There was no gagging, or freaking out about the fact that I had just eaten fish.  As a kid I wouldn’t go near any kind of seafood, boy how I have grown!  Next up was the Kick in the Pants!  I was so not afraid of this “spicy” roll.  Jalapeno peppers do not scare me.  I grabbed a piece of it, and again put it in and savored it.  I liked this one too! *cue “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead”

I was… on a “roll” get it? HAHA! but seriously! I enjoyed the sushi, I also sampled a piece of a Caterpillar Roll which contains Unagi, and had a piece of a Lucky 13 Roll.  (You can look up the descriptions on the Tiger Sushi site if you like!)

We decided that it was time to order just one more roll.  We scoured the menu and I spotted…

The Snow Monkey: Inside: Tuna, salmon, & yellow tail, avocado, spicy garlic-chile mayo & masago. Outside: sushi rice and layers of bincyo (super white tuna) that have been ever so slightly seared and drizzled with ponzu sauce.  Scattered with togarashi flakes. 

So we shared that roll, it was SOOO GOOD! I am glad I spotted it on the menu, it means I know I can find something on the menu that I can identity that I would eat! Woot Woot!

Snow Monkey Roll

The Snow Monkey Roll (To Go)

So I stayed and chatted for a long time and as things started to wind down I decided I wanted to place a to go order.  I still had a long night ahead of me.  A Snow Monkey would be great for dinner.  I guess this means I am a convert!  I will be watching for Groupon to have another Tiger Sushi deal!

After #SushiTweetup a few of us went to Common Rootsfor some coffee and chatting.  It was lovely to just sit and chat about all kind of things.  It makes me feel almost human when I get to go to these things.  Sometimes with my night shift work I feel out of contact with the world.  I am glad that I can connect and laugh and share a night with good food and friends.  It feeds the soul. My soul is overrunning with goodness this week!

Thank you friends! Next week I shall be nourished too!  Are you busy next Wednesday? Want to come to Woodbury and hang out with Jenn and me?  It is bound to be AMAZING!

10 thoughts on “Kick in the Pants!

  1. I wish that I could say I had the same reaction to Sushi as you, but I had to gag mine down. The days following trying sushi, I would get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It is one of those foods that you either love it or you hate it. I am glad you loved it!

  2. I am living in South Korea, and there are STILL foods I wont touch. I’ve been here for nearly two years. Kudos to you on your BRAVE food choices!! Kinda makes me wanna try a little squid…

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  5. I am sorry, but this comment will be incoherent because I am giggling at the word “Unagi”. Am I the only person here that has seen that episode of Friends? 😀

    The Kick In The Pants roll sounds yummy… you might remember, you were with me when I tried ahi tuna for the first time. I dig that protein! And now we can split an order when we go to Crave? Maybe? 🙂

    Stay bold!!

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