Lucky Charms!

Do you have a lucky charm? A troll doll or a lucky rabbits foot? How about a piece of jewelry that was passed down from your grandmother or just something that you like to wear that makes you feel good? I used to wear soda can tabs and washers that I had found laying in parking lots on a ball chain, they were my thing. 

I have never been a fancy jewelry person.  I like odd things for jewelry,  Washers and nuts from old bolts, my old fave pair of earrings looked like tiny wrenches.  When I was married I never understood the point of a diamond ring really.  Why waste money on a hunk of something that I would probably lose.  My track record with rings is appalling! I am always scared I will lose them so why have something I will never wear. 

So now I just tend to sport my hoop earrings and my Priorfatgirl pink bracelet.  I have started wearing cheap rings that I have picked up just because they make my fingers look skinnier!  I am not a girly girl… even though apparently deep down I am a girl at heart.  (Jenn I remembered what it was… it was those girly China plates with butterflies and flowers on it I think!)

So a while back I had looked on Etsy for some 5k jewelry, something meaningful to me, to encourage me and to celebrate my stepping it up a notch.  Nothing truly grabbed me. Then fate took my hand and Groupon decided to run a special with the website  (and I have since seen it offered in a few other cities) I searched through the website before committing to the deal.  I knew I had found what I was looking for!


Run Walk Finish PriorFatPack5k


This is my new Lucky Charm.  In so many ways it is everything I was looking for in something to celebrate my 5k.  I was able to have the feel of my style preference the funky non-traditional washer-like jewelry, and the fact that I was able to pick what I wanted on it, so I can include my goal of FINISH on there, and my plan to walk and run and the fact most of all that this is my support structures race! PriorFatPack5k!

It arrived Monday, and I have been attached to it ever since.  I need to find a better chain for it.  I am thinking I want a black cord for it.  It just feels, so good to wear it.  I wasn’t going to let myself have it until after the 5k but since I know I will do it, I think it’s okay.  Plus it is far to snazzy not to.  Plus I had it on when I did my 5k Tuesday in 60-mins! Talk about motivation!

So there you know my little secret! I have a good luck charm now! It is my motivation and my tangible reward!

9 thoughts on “Lucky Charms!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t going to show it off, but then I was like… why not! I have gotten a few compliments on it since monday, and I am happy with it so perhaps someone else may want to order something for themselves from that site 🙂

  1. I was incredibly pleased to collect this website. I wanted to thanks for your time for this great read!! I no ifs ands or buts enjoying every small bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

  2. Yep, it was definitely the china at Macy’s. I’ll have to have you over for dinner so you can see the girly set of china I just inherited from Malcolm’s aunt and uncle! 🙂

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