So Totally 80’s!

Girl I want to make you sweat! Sweat till you can’t sweat no more!

Okay, now that I got the UB-Cheesezy factor out-of-the-way! Can I just say thank to the #PriorFatPack and my own desire to get down to 250 by my birthday I have really been breaking a sweat lately!  Typically when I head out the YWCA and hop onto the treadmill for my C25k training I grab a few paper towels before I start.  Why not use a reuseable towel, because I also swim every time (or almost every time I am at the gym) and there is only so much room in my locker and gym bag.

So I did what any girl would do, I reached out on Twitter! Help me!!!! Can anyone tell me where I can find a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor? I need to go back to 1985 and get a few sweat bands! Sadly the local dealerships were all closed.  The Ford Plant in Saint Paul isn’t making a Flux Capacitor anytime soon and I doubt it would be compatible with my car, but it might work in Robb’s!

Sabrina suggested the far more fashionable BondiBand! Now, I have a very odd-shaped head.  I am the first to admit that! When I had long hair I could never wear those little rubber band type headbands that go around and hold your hair back.  So I was a little apprehensive about the BondiBand headbands. 

So I spent some time looking though the website and being TOTALLY Jealous of the fact that there are hats with places for pigtails!!!! NO FAIR!!! It is times like this that I miss my long hair. Anyway as I surfed through the pages of designs thinking about what would look good for a #PriorFatPack BondiBand I looked to see what I would like to order incase we didn’t actually go through with the bands.  Then I found one that spoke to me. 


See when I started my journey I had this little saying… as the little no-nonsense person I was/am I would tell myself and others to Suck it Up! (or Suck it Up Princess!!) So as I got a few pages in I found…


Suck it Up Cupcake Bondiband

So since has been around a while and I have not had any giveaways yet I approached Bondiband and asked them if there was anychance they would be willing to sponsor my very first giveaway. 

They said… YES!  I was offered the chance to review a BondiBand of my choice (guess which one I picked out!) and the winner gets one of their choice as well!

So that being said… I present ….

BondiBand Recap!

It arrived Monday night, I took it out of the package, and went… huh, it didn’t look all that special to be honest.  It is thin, but stretchy, and WIDE (the back is not as wide as the front is).  I was a bit concerned that it was going to be too big on my forehead.  There I go borrowing trouble from the start.  I tucked it into my gymbag along with my HRM for Tuesday’s run. 

Tuesday would prove to be a Big day for me.  I got to the gym, strapped on my HRM, put on the bondi band, and waited a moment, … I was waiting for the inevitable rolling feeling that happens with most headbands on my head.  I went to the sinks, and washed my hands and filled my water bottle at the fountain, and still no movement. 

Color me impressed! I headed out of the locker room and up the steps to the cardio equipment.  I signed up for my treadmill, grabbed some papertowels still doubting that this little piece of fabric would really be enough and away we went. 

*tick tick tick tick tick* One Hour Later  

The Bondiband was STILL IN PLACE!!!! Not only that it was soaked with sweat! Good Golly Miss Molly we have a WINNER!!!!  I was absolutly shocked!  I headed back down to the locker room and changed into my swimwear as it was time for the next part of my workout.  I was so impressed with the way it stayed put, I didn’t need paper towels to wipe the sweat off my face, it was such a nice change!

The only negative thing I have to say isn’t so much a negative as just a warning about it as the color on it, I dye my hair… I am getting older, the grey hair has been popping up since I was 12… My white band now has red splotches on it from my hair dye.  I dyed my hair more than a month ago, this is VERY unusual, it never shows on white towels or pillowcases so I was kind of shocked to see it on the band.  So if you dye your hair be wary of the lighter colored bands! 🙂

Enough Talking, How do we Enter?

So here is the deal, I don’t want to make this difficult on you, or really on me, so here is the deal. 

  • Head over to Http:// and pick out a design you like.  Come back here and tell me what it is. 
  • I will accept entries until 23:59 Central Time on 4-29-2011
  • US Residents Only
  • Winner will be chosen by
  • Winner will be notified by email (so be sure to include it) and Must respond to me with their mailing address within 36 hours or a new winner will be chosen.




From the Front

BondiBand LOVE

BondiBand from the back

Bondiband from the back

Disclosure Statement: Thank you to BondiBand for providing me with this AWESOME product to review the opinions presented in this review are 100% mine.

12 thoughts on “So Totally 80’s!

  1. Oh my goodness…I need one of these! I checked the website and I love the glow in the dark ink ones. I have a few midnight races and these would be so much fun to have!

  2. I am interested to see how well these work – I have tried several that claim they don’t move but they do on my head!!! I would definitely get the “SUPER MOM” one! Thanks for the review Kris and the giveaway – how fun!

  3. I would LOVE any of the awesome patterend ones. My hair is at an awkward length, and BondiBand would help with holding it back during my kick-butt workouts!

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