My First Time

Running in Circles

So today is a day for the NSV sticker pages to come out (My wall calender is getting a big sticker for today!).  As some of you know I have been training for the 5k at the end of May.  Up this week on the Goals list was get off the Treadmill. 

Now let’s be honest here… I live in Minnesota… the weather has NOT been my friend all winter and this week the gloom and doom have returned, but I CANNOT let this be an excuse to start skipping things again.  I will not revert to a sideline watcher and let life start passing me by again.

So… I was up early again today I had things to do, DMV visit took much less time than expected… and then it was off to the gym.

Pre Run Jitters

Full on Pre-Run/Walk Jitters!

Today had to be the day.  There was no going back, it was now Thursday… The last day I can log gym time this week.  I didn’t do it Monday, because I ran Sunday, I didn’t do it Tuesday because I was scared… yesterday I was out with Jenn shopping and chatting and coffeeing it up all night, I am on call tomorrow and Saturday, and guess what… Sunday they are closed for Easter.

So I made faces at my cellphone camera, then got changed, strapped on my BondiBand (Win one on my blog!!!) I hooked up my Polar HRM, and dug out my iPod. Deep breath, look in the mirror, game face on. What, this isn’t my first dog and pony show, I do this all the time… right? Fake it till I make it no one has to know it is my first time!

So I went up to the indoor track at my gym, apparently it is something like the largest indoor track in the Twin Cities.  I popped my water bottle up on the ledge of the windows and away I went.  No c25k program this time, this was going to be all me.  I was running and walking based on how my body felt.  Is that weird? I mean, I love the program but since I hit Week 4 I haven’t even been able to do the three-minute runs. 

I am not sure if it is my body just rebelling or the fact that my hormones are in flux right now, my legs keep cramping as I run and my lungs keep hurting, I am just having trouble getting to where I want to be, but I am not giving up.  So I would run until my heart rate was uncomfortable, then back to a walk… I did this for 18 laps around the track.  It works out to something around 3 miles, and less than an hours time. 


I was so proud of myself as I walked away from the track and back towards the cardio equipment I smiled knowing I was no longer tethered to the treadmill.  In fact I should probably stay away from it if I can.  I had some time to kill before my water class so I popped on a recumbent bike and blasted out 6 miles.  Headed to Water Aerobics… and though I was tired and hungry  I was on fire!

Ain’t no stoppin us now!  #PriorFatPack Look out, next stop… outside… but not until my epipen is refilled!

11 thoughts on “My First Time

    • I grew up with a treadmill in the house, not that I used it all that much, but it was something that I was more comfortable with.
      Then again when I Run on the treadmill I always have this fear of flying off of it!

  1. AWESOME! Good for you Kris! I have the complete opposite fear – I have not run on a treadmill! Weird, huh! You are a rock star! Have a great weekend – hopefully you don’t have to work too much!

  2. Way to go, Kris. I still haven’t managed to face that fear and run off the treadmill. Maybe next week – you are an inspiration!

    • We have to push ourselves. Test the boundaries and see our limits. Fear will no longer be the limiting factor in my life. Do it! Set your goals and push pull climb grab reach and claw at them!! You can do it!!

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