Easter Egg Hunting!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day to you! Last night ended my Lint fast.  Do you remember that I gave up soda using the 40 (really 46) days on Lent as an opportunity to push myself to give up something that I had EVERYDAY.

So here we are 46 days later, I popped the top on my Diet Pepsi with Lime, inhaled the sweet smell of the soda, Put it up to my lips, took a small sip and… it was flat. I poured it into a glass, it fizzed up like soda does.  I looked at it, took a bigger sip… still flat.  Well suck a duck!  I had forgotten that a side effect to one of my medications is that it can make soda taste flat.  When I first started out on this particular drug I was tapered onto it, and I ony had the flat thing a tiny bit.  Now I am on a bigger dose, no tapering.  I popped the top on a can of Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry and it tasted kinda fizzy.  Today I tried the Diet Mtn Dew Supernova I had stashed away, it was flat too.  Well Bugger! I think I am off soda, unless I need the caffeine, I might try root beer yet, since it is brewed instead but I don’t know that it will change the outcome.

So today is a new day, Sunday, Zombie Jesus Day, Easter, my day off.  So I woke up today, and was super bummed knowing full well that the gym was closed.  I have been really trying to kick my plateau to the curb.  I had a few bad weeks of eating, not bad foods, just more than I should have been.  So I pondered my options, the malls are closed for the “holiday” That rules out a lot of my normal safe walking spots.  I inventoried our pantry for dinner.  I did make it to the store last night before it closed and was able to get a few things that I needed for tonight’s dinner.  Seward Co-op is open today, normal hours.  I am always happy to see that some stores have normal hours on these days.  As someone who works odd hours and holidays it irks me that most places shut down.  The world does not stop.  So walking to the co-op when I didn’t need anything seemed silly.

So I lounged around a bit, and realised I needed to refill some prescriptions and that our local pharmacy stays open 24/7! Woohoo Score!  So I popped my refill info into the system and had some breakfast.  Yummy raspberry Chobani! I love my Cho, sadly it has been so hard to get my hands on it lately.  I called my Parents and wished them a Happy Easter, talked to my brother.  My trip east is sneaking up as fast as the 5k!

I got dressed, laced up my shoes and headed outside… What… Walk outside… what devil tricks are these?  So I headed out for my first walk around my neighborhood.  I have lived here for years now and have never walked around.  I thought about heading to Minnehaha Falls, it is on my summer bucket list, but not knowing exactly where it is the drugstore will do for today.  So as I walked, I thought about a lot of things. Mostly about years gone by, how I spent easter as a kid.  I thought about ham dinners with green bean casserole and potato salad.  I thought about sitting on the stairs waiting to be told we could come look for eggs.  I thought about easter baskets.  When I was a kid, like real young we didn’t get candy loaded baskets.  I think this would be an awesome movement to take back! Our baskets had things like juice boxes and seeds for flowers and veggies oranges and apples too!
So I walked down the sidewalks of my bustling city, thinking of spring, and how happy I was that the sun was finally out again. As I got a few blocks from home I looked down and found myself staring at some of the first signs of spring, and thus began my very own Easter Egg Hunt!


I found a Red one!


Then a Blue one!

I continued down the road a while thinking about how I would have missed these if I had driven to get my stuff.  How the subtle cues that spring is arriving are all around us.  I got *this close* to a robin and a squirrel.  Though it was not Kris Squirrel, the squirrel that will not move even if you are standing next to it.


Lookie a White one!


Yellow ones too!

I found these tiny yellow ones struggling to push out of the leaves! Fight tiny yellow flowers!!! Fight for the sun! Fight for spring! I found you, you are my Easter eggs! I made my way to the shop, got my stuff and started my walk back.  I was feeling good.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to walk to Walgreens! What had I been doing all these years just sitting around for?

So I returned home, Robb was surprised how fast my walk was.  Google walk directions tells me it was about 2.6 miles round trip.  I wasnt gone very long, maybe 40 mins at most.  I should have taken my HRM along, or at least looked at the clock before I left.  Tonight is Ham dinner.  It will be a nice Easter dinner, quiet just the two of us at home.  Tomorrow starts the rat-race again.  Back to 5k training, and work and the countdown to my physical on friday.

So I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday no matter how you spent it.  Have a good week and take a moment now to go back and read the Future Prior Fat Girl Mom-inations Voting begins soon! Please support them!


Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunting!

  1. Ooo, the Minnehaha Falls area is fun to walk around – especially the dirt/gravel trails down near the river. It might be a bit mucky for another month or so, though.

    Lovely pictures!

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