Rock Your Body Everyday

I realised again a day or two ago that I have once again lost a part of my old self.  I find myself talking to SO many people about my health journey, and how important it is to eat well and exercise.  On twitter someone was contemplating taking an exercise class, but was concerned they would not be able to keep up.  I INSTANTLY chirped into the conversation with my two-cents… “Exercise is for everyone no matter your size!! If you want to do it, do it!! 😀 Fight for what you want!”

So where in the living hell did this come from?  Who am I to all of a sudden start advocating everyone get moving?  Perhaps I am just tired of hearing excuses from everyone about how it is too hard or they just can’t.  When you have chronic pain, and asthma, and other issues and STILL fight every day to get fit there is no excuse. 

No one has to LIKE working out, if you love to get sweaty and workout for hours more flippin power to you! The best advice I can give you is to find something you LOVE.  Anything you can do to move your ass will help you!  Do you like to dance? DANCE!  Do you like to walk? Guess what, that is Exercise! How about jumping rope, frisbee, freeze tag, kickball, hopscotch, these all count!!!  The biggest thing is to get active.  Instead of spending your lunch hour sitting at your desk grab some coworkers and go for a walk!  After family dinner why not go out and toss the football around before you do the dishes, I promise the magic elves wont come and clean them up while you are gone, but if they would, I know that would be an AWESOME motivation for most everyone!

I am so proud of my friends who have found ways to bring their families into their journeys.  I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of those of you who have these incredible networks of people lining up to join them on 5k’s and dragging you into their new activity circles! It is REALLY COOL!  I hope that it continues.  I want to see this spread! 

I don’t love to work out, but after I leave the gym I in general feel better.  I enjoy spending some time in the pool, I enjoy dancing with my Wii, I enjoy moving my body.  Yes it hurts, yes it is work, but oh my lord is it worth it!  I keep trying to encourage others to workout, my brother specifically.  He is having no parts of it.  You have to move your body or it will fail you!  Move it to lose it in my case, but in so many cases it really is move it or lose it!  Have you ever broken a bone and ended up in a cast?  Those muscles atrophy so quickly!  Think about your body doing the same thing as you sit around doing nothing!  So get up right now and move! DO SOMETHING!!!

I think after having lives so miserably for so long, having been told, and told myself that I was unable to do anything to make my situation better I just want people to know there is ALWAYS something that can be done.  Just keep trying!  Just keep trying until you find something that works!

Yes this has been incoherent… and preachy, but I just want everyone to know exercise does not have to be a competition, it is everyone’s right!!! It is your right to move your body!  So what is your plan?  Get Moving!!!

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3 thoughts on “Rock Your Body Everyday

  1. I love this post, Kris. I second that – nobody LOVES working out. But if you keep doin’ what you’re doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’ve got. 🙂

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