It’s all about the Numbers

We All Use Math Everyday” –The opening to Numb3rs

So in a dieting world it is all about the numbers.  We step on the scale, we face the numbers.  We sit down at a restaurant and look at the menu, and my mind rolls through calorie counts.  I cannot wait until the calorie counts are posted on menus everywhere.  (I love that Panera Bread has them posted right up on the menu, it is SO HELPFUL!!!)

There are now scales that hide your actual weight number from you and show you just whether you have lost or gained.  Genius right?  I would love one of them, but it is low on the priority list right now.  Todays post about numbers however is NOT about the numbers on the scale. Well okay it is a little bit.

 Friday I went for my annual physical.  My last physical was in October of 2009, right around the time when I started my journey into health and wellness.  I have been back a few times for various other things but not a complete physical.  This physical included shots (OUCH!!!) I still have a lump in my left arm from where the tetanus whooping-cough shot was given. 

So with every good physical comes the inevitable blood workup.  After reading the blog by fellow #priorfatpack member Amy I knew that knowing my inside numbers was even more important than before.  We all know that losing weight has amazing benefits for our bodies.  I have shed 170 pounds, it has done amazing things for my life.  I actually go out and do things now, I no longer live like a hermit.  In fact I am truly a different person.  Having shed the weight I have seen many measurable changes with things at the weight clinic.  My blood pressure has stabilized and my resting heart rate came down by I want to say something close to 30 points. 

Since I know you can make numbers say anything you darn well please I like seeing raw data.  So when my inbox lit up today with test results from my Cholesterol and Triglyceride panel I knew it was time to take a look at the big picture.

What does 170 Pounds of Weight-loss do?

Data based off blood work dated 10-30-2009 to 4-29-2011

  • My Total Cholesterol went down by 49 points
  • My HDL Cholesterol went up by 7 points
  • My LDL Cholesterol went down by 37 points
  • My VLDL Cholesterol went down by 18 points
  • My Cholesterol/HDL Ratio went down by 1.9 points
  • My Triglycerides went down by 90 points

So in non-medical terms… Losing weight has done my body good! My total cholesterol level is at 200.  1 point outside of the normal range 😦 However High cholesterol plagues my family.  Diet and exercise may not be enough, but dammit I will keep trying!  I still have more weight to lose, so I might be able to kick this in the ass! 

Overall my picture of health is SO different from where I was in 2009 I am just amazed.  So I am celebrating today perhaps I will play the lottery with my new numbers.  They remind me that my small changes have had a HUGE impact on my insides!

So do you get a yearly physical? Do YOU know your numbers? Check out the American Heart Association and get to know your numbers!  It is just another way to measure your progress.  Remember May is High Blood Pressure and Stroke Awareness Month!

3 thoughts on “It’s all about the Numbers

  1. Thank you for posting this! I have very serious High Blood Pressure( 218/110 ) and I have made great nutritional changes and have become more active. I shall keep you informed.

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