We are not here for you!

Stop Cyber Bullying Day

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Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you grew up!

When will people grow up? Over the last week it has really occurred to me that people SUCK!!! Why are there so many people (ADULTS) that seem to think that rules do not apply to them?  Why do so many people (ADULTS) feel the need to tear others down to feel good about themselves? When did Common sense become non-sense?

This week my car was blocked into a parking lot because someone decided since they couldn’t find a spot blocking me in was okay(When they came out they said they were only going to be a few mins and didn’t think it was a big deal, not even a sorry!).  This week I was told my a child, and her mother than the rules at the YWCA for sauna use do not apply to them because the mom has too many kids to be in two places at once (if you are under 16 you cannot be in the sauna without an adult, I pointed this out and was berated by the mother of the child and told to mind my own business, sorry lady next time I’ll get the staff to kick you and your daughter and over the age limit son out of the women’s locker room and into the family locker room).  This week one of my dear friends and #PriorFatPack Family Members was bullied off of her blog!

Cyberbullying is Bullying!!!! Adults calling names, Really? What are you twelve?  Seriously?! At what point did your like become so meaningless and empty that your only release is to go seek out others to make fun of? 

Perhaps it is because I was raised with the “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” lesson from my parents,  Perhaps it is because I as SO ridiculed that I tried to take my own life as a teenager, but I DO NOT tolerate it.  I will NOT stand by and watch anyone be bullied.  I also no longer back down from a fight.  I will stand my ground, I was pushed around for too long. I can and do often take the high road.  I have had negative comments left on photos of me. I have had people tell me they do not like my blog.  I have had people tell me they do not understand why I do it.  When I try to explain it, they still don’t get it.  That is okay.

We are not here to blog for you.  We are here for us.  I am an adult, does it mean I grew up?  Well about many things yes.  I would NEVER EVER seek out someones blog or Facebook or twitter to tear them down.  I have had Facebook requests from people who made my life HELL in highschool… and you know what that little BLOCK USER button has been SO LIBERATING!!! But I am not grown up, I will still play hopscotch if there is a court drawn on the sidewalk, I will still color outside the lines, and laugh uncontrollably when things are silly!

So all that being vented… Please do me a favor head over to my dear friend Sabrina’s Blog at http://sabrinaisonthemove.wordpress.com/ and welcome her to her new safe place on the web! Show her that they cannot win! STOP BULLYING PEOPLE!!!! Here we thought it was just a problem for kids and teens!

Why do grown adults feel the need to bully others?  What is the satisfaction in it?  Best I can figure is there lives are just so empty and unfulfilled.  I feel bad for them, they could easily join in on the wonderful lives we life instead of watching us and being jealous of our fun from the sidelines!

8 thoughts on “We are not here for you!

  1. I am totally with you! I also feel bad for people who choose to be bullies, they really must have sad lives 😦

  2. This just brought a tear to my eye! Thanks so much for posting this. It’s so sad that people need to be so inconsiderate of others. Thankfully I feel so safe with my #priorfatpack family, and I take comfort in knowing I have true friends out there!

    Love ya friend and see you soon!

  3. I can never understand why people think it’s okay to bully others. It needs to stop. How can we expect kids to stop bullying one another when adults are just as mean. We should be setting the example. ‘m so sorry to hear about Sabrina. I love reading her blog.

  4. It sucks that stupid mean people who feel bad about themselves go out to hurt others. That’s just horrible about Sabrina.


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