Are we there yet?

Yesterday was a hell of a long day for me. I was up for more than 30-hours before I finally laid down to rest.

So after being up since Tuesday afternoon, doing my running around playing trivia, going to work, etc. I headed off to the airport around 4:30, for my 6:50 flight, got checked in thru security secured my first cup of coffee. Venti Starbucks Iced coffee over ice w/ extra shot. I walked around the airport sipping my coffee. I got my water from the shop and my Runner’s World magazine and resumed walking around MSP.
It was time for my second cup of coffee. I was heading to hang out closer to my gate so something hot! Caribou Coffee has their Northern Lite line which they recently rolled out. While these drinks aren’t calorie free, they indicate better choices. I keep a cheater copy of their eatimated calories in my wallet. So I got my hot Northern Lite Caramel High Rise and headed to the gate.
As I sat at the gate I found my tension melting away. Perhaps it was that I was being social with the other passengers. There was a guy heading to Jamaica for his 40th birthday, a gaggle of ladies who didn’t know they were all actually on the same flight. Some had booked United and some Continental, they are the same now.
I finished my coffee again, and my water, and refilled it and it was time to board. They are doing new boarding procedures, by rows from the back, after first class obviously. So I being in row 9 had a long wait. So I was chiing out of the way. I was the second to last person to get on the aircraft. The line was backed up, as everyone was having to check rollerbags after half the plane boarded. The last passenger asked me for the time, 7:00. So what else to do but chat with him in the backlog. Turns out he was going to be sitting across the isle from me.

So I get to my seat, theres someone sitting in tge middle seat but not tge window with the armrest up. I tell them Im on the isle and we’re the last 2 on the plane. I saw the manifest print, tge flight is closed. The woman was a flight atrendant and was thrilled to not have to sit in a middle seat! So I sat down, fumbled for the belt, took a deep breath and… … Click!
Around me it went. I reached down and got my magazine boldly LOWERED the armrest and relaxed. Then shit went wrong.
See, the trouble with flying into Allentown (ABE) to see my family is there is no direct flight from where Im at. Most flights conbect though Chicago. O’hare (ORD) to be specific. Yesterday morning, they had a ground stoppage. This means we don’t get to take off. Now I had about 50 minutes to make my connection originally. We were holding for 45… F-bomb!!! I held out hope. They took us to the pad, so as soon as we were cleared we could go! We waited and waited…. 7:45 came… Still grounded…. Double f-bomb!! I was not happy, the guy across the isle and I chatted away the delay. They gave us coffee mmm more coffee. It was after 8:00 when we took off. My flight was scheduled to leave at 8:55. I knew I was boned!
We hit the ground in Chicago at 9:00, he let me get off infront of him since he was done there, i saw tge monitor… 9:15… Concourse F. F-me!! I was in C!!! Theres a shuttle that goes to E that had just left and wouldn’t be back for several minutes. So I did what any #PriorFatPacker would do.
*Cue Rocky Training Theme!!*
Thats right I ran… I ran like hell… I ran down the moving sidewaljs yelling on the left!!! Move please!! Trying to make a connection!!! I ran down the escalator, scareing a guy who saw me coming at him full speed, back up another escalator, I hit the F-concourse at a full run, my lubgs burned for my inhaler and saw the board flip to flight-closed as I ran past.
Fuck Me!!! Fuck you!!!! I was SO CLOSE!!!!!!!
So I checked my voicemail, and I had already been rebooked by United due to my delay out of MSP. I went to the United service counter, I needed some info, like what time was I departing, so I could recalculate how many hours I would be awake, and what my arrival time would be, so I could get a ride!
2:15 departure… Sucks to be me!!!
I walked around ORD for many hours, consumed many cups of coffee, texted with a very lovely lady, got some food when I got hungry.
I was so happy when it was time to get out of there! We got to board what I call Rockstar style, where you are outside, and walk up steps, like in the movies, where you see the plane. It just I dunno its just kinda cool.

I got into Allentown about 5:00pm local time. Still hadn’t slept or napped. I finally went to bed about 11:00 or so last night. It was 6:00 when I got up. I think I am gonna lace up my shoes and get outside because it looks like theres rain coming the rest of the week/weekend!

4 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. All your hard work was just shown to you when you clicked your seat belt shut!!!

    Sorry about the delays, but you got some great cardio in!! I am going to run like that through the MSP airport in 2 weeks! I don’t have any layovers, but I will be just so stinking excited to see everyone!! haha!

  2. Sorry about the delays, but I’m happy you’re there – keep your chin up, keep doing GREAT. can’t wait to hear abuot it! 🙂

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