Stinks like Fish!

So I have been back from my trip for a few days now, I am slowly falling back into my normal sleep schedule.  There is an old saying there’s no place like home… and every time I visit my parents I realize that Pennsylvania is not my home.  I like to think of my visits a bit more along the lines of, an old quote that goes something like, “After three days fish and guests stink.”

The beginning of my visits are usually the best! Filled with catching up, and talk of all the things that have been missed out on.  I do make weekly calls to my parents just to keep them in the loop but there is something about in person that makes things different.  Day two is okay and from there it quickly slides into the abyss!  I always try to book my trips for about 7 days.  It is a strain on me to be around my family for that long, but I feel that any less than that and it is a waste to go out there.  I become irritated by things my mom or dad does, like just staring at me, or asking probing questions.  I try to be a good sport, but it can only last so long.

I have gotten better over the years at dealing with my family.  I think a lot of it has to do with becoming an adult, more than just ageing actually growing.  I now see my parents as people not just parents.  I feel more free to express my opinions on things that I feel strongly about even when they conflict with their views and beliefs.  I try to be respectful and ask for the same in return, which doesn’t always happen.

Still by day seven I anxiously await my return home.  I never sleep as well as I do in my own bed!  There is something about being in the comfort of my own home surrounded by familiar sounds and routines that just makes me feel better.

I was so relieved that my return trip went smoothly!  I made my connecting flight with lots of time to spare, although it did kill me to pass up the chance to bump in Allentown.  When the plane was coming into the cities I started to recognize landmarks and highways.  We flew within sight of where I live!  I loved being able to see my house from the plane! We circled downtown and I felt the stress of my entire trip starting to melt away and my excitement building!

The night of my return was filled with Glee! Okay, I didn’t get to see the show that night, but I did get to see my Trivia Friends!!! I made it back in time to see all my friends at the Rail Station BarTrivia Tuesdays have become my ritual.  I am so grateful to my newfound family there.  They are a slice of home that I look forward to every week!  After trivia I went to work and did my normal Tuesday crap, but I did so feeling recharged from my trip.

Family can be draining, best taken in small doses.  I learned as a young kid that you have two kinds of family.  The ones you don’t get to choose, and the ones you do!  One builds upon the other filling in the gaps that you want and need in your life.  Sometimes I think it is best that way.  I wish I could have a friendship with my mom and dad like you see in the movies but I know that will never happen.  I am happy that I am developing friendships with my other relatives (cousins, aunts, etc.) someday we might just be able to have a functional family affair where it wont end in a screaming match or with someone passing out! (Brother Dearest this means you!  The cookout was nice, but you passing out before dinner was over was not the highlight of my trip.) Until then I will stick with my adoptive selective family, who welcomed me back with hugs and smiles, phone calls and texts! You all rock! Thank you for recharging my battery to full so quickly!  

Speaking of family the #PriorFatPack 5k is almost upon us!  This will be an AMAZING weekend of bonding that will culminate in achieving a goal that many of us didn’t think we could do! Tonight as I drove home from one of my deliveries We Will Rock You by Queen was blasting thru my stereo as I sang along.  Visions of our 5k weekend played in my head.  I saw us laughing and bonding and building each other up.  Solidifying our network of support.  It was amazing, seeing as I have trouble with visualization.  I am SO excited for the potluck the 5k the post race dinner and any other activities that may pop up during the weekend! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this event there will be more and we will all be posting a TON of photos so you can feel like you are there!

2 thoughts on “Stinks like Fish!

  1. I love returning home after a trip. There really isn’t anything like the comfort of being in your own home! 🙂 I’m really happy that things went so well on your trip and that you stayed on track!

    Can’t wait for #PriorFatPack this weekend – the potluck, the race, and the celebration afterwards.

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