Running Strong

First I would like to address the recent tornado’s, It is SUCH a tragedy! It has impacted SO many lives in SO many states.  If you can do anything to help please do!  The Red Cross is always accepting donations of money, but locally there are people in need of things like diapers and other household things.  This week I will be dropping off a few boxes of feminine products and some other toiletry type items that I have that someone needs more than I do.  Our neighbors and friends have been impacted by this tragedy.  Please keep everyone in your thoughts/prayers/meditations.  I also want to thank everyone who was concerned for me in the wake of all that went on.  While I don’t live an impacted area directly apparently the sirens we heard and didn’t take seriously, because they use them improperly, were indeed for a tornado.  The fact that I have people other than my “blood family” is still a bit foreign to me, but seriously rocks none the less!

All that being said onto todays adventures!  Today marks the official start of the #PFP5K countdown.  The 5k will be over by this time next week!  When I woke up this afternoon, I looked at the clock and realized that in one week I will have crossed something else off my 2011 goal list.  I took my time getting up thinking about how far I had come, trying not to dwell on how far I still have to go.  I missed a phone call from Sabrina which bummed me out, and I made myself an egg-white omelette with grilled veggies and cheese.  My phone rang again and I got to chat with Misty!  My day was off to a good start.  While my friends are each going through their own struggles and bumps in the road I adore hearing from each and every one of them. 

I am grateful that I get to provide my friendship and support to them.  I am glad that they respect my opinions and think enough of me to come to me when they need support!  I am totally behind each of my friends 1000% I got your back!  You all have been there for me so much in the past, I am only too happy to return the favors, and chat up a storm!

I scarfed the rest of my breakfast down along with half a skinny-cow candy bar. (WHAT?! For Breakfast?!!! So shoot me I am human!) I knew I had to get my ass into the gym early today.  I had not been running in a week!  So I packed my swimclothes for water aerobics and my running stuff into my bag and headed to the gym.  As I headed to the gym I could feel myself getting pumped up in the car! The sky was blue today, the sun shining, the music on the radio was just right to get me feeling in the groove.  I hit the gym and changed and realized I had forgotten my Polar.  Crap, oh well not going back now! 

I checked out the track, it was humid in there, and I wasn’t feeling that so I opted for the treadmill.  My fave machine was open, the one where I did my very first 3-minute run.  I hopped on and away I went.  As soon as I got on I started to feel something…. something amazing. 

I felt STRONG,  I felt EMPOWERED, I felt AMAZING!  I only warmed up for about a minute and a half and was itching to start jogging, and so I listened to my body and off I went.  My feet pounded in good rhythm to the tunes filling my earphones.  I ran and ran and then I walked.  I watched my feet and legs move in the reflection of the window.  I smiled as I thought about how the #PriorFatPack has changed my life.  I reflected about all the people in my life that have passed away over the years, and how I know that they would all be so proud of how far I have come.  I though about how proud I was of myself.  I powered through as much of the 3.1 miles running as my lungs could take.  It is not my legs that cannot handle the running right now, sadly my asthma and allergies are what is taking the toll on me.  I worked on my breathing, I focused on my form. 

As the distance on the treadmill went up I felt stronger and stronger! As I got to the 2.5 mile mark I started to really feel emotional, the tears started to form and I let them fall down my face.  I kept running and walking always moving forward.  When I got to 2.9 I decided I was going to run the last chunk no excuses and that is what I did!  I clocked out of the run at 56 minutes.  I am not breaking any records with my time, except perhaps my own but that is not why I do this.  The tears stopped I cleaned my machine and headed to my water-class. 

I was amazed by myself.  I think perhaps I was overtraining when I was doing c25k, because I NEVER felt like this.  I am unsure if it is the final push into the 5k, the #priorfatpack support, the fact that I hadn’t run in over a week, the yummy food I ate at Meredith’s Surprise party yesterday or some magical combination there-in.  Whatever it was I hope it returns next Monday! 

#PriorFatPack Weekend is rolling in fast! Ready or not Twin Cities the Pack is coming!

7 thoughts on “Running Strong

    • The PFP is mostly based on Twitter, if you search for the hastag #Priorfatpack and look to see what we are talking about feel free to join the discussion or ask for support about whatever you are struggling with! 🙂

  1. Amazing. :o)

    It was awesome to get to talk with you a bunch on Sunday. I’m so glad you made it out!

    I’m starting to get pumped for next Monday now, too, after a great run/walk yesterday. Let’s kick some 5K butt!

  2. Yay Kris!!! This was a very inspiring and empowering post. I’m so glad you came to my birthday party and I’m looking forward to powering through the 5K on Monday!

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