100 This Weekend!

So this post comes at a time of great adventure.  PriorFatPack Weekend! Yes okay it is only Thursday, (okay technically the way my world works it is still Wednesday but go with me).  The next few days are going to be full of MASSIVE amounts of Tweets and Flickr stream updates!

This post also marks a Blog-Milestone for me! 100 posts! I hadn’t really planned anything fancy for my 100th post.  I didn’t actually even realize it was my 100th post until I was looking at my dashboard and it said 99.

I wish I had some words of wisdom to share about the journey we are all on, or some amazing insight into how the world works or why things happen but I don’t.  I can tell you that I am AMAZED that my blog is turning 100.  Everyone that has ever commented on my blog has contributed to my success. 

I have spent the last few days sharing stories of various members of the #PriorFatPack with my non-pack friends and workout companions.  I have spoken of the bond we have, of how the pack formed, of our weekend of adventure! Everything from all the prep-work I feel I need to do, trip to Costco for supplies, the ever-growing list of people signed up for the 5k.  I spoke about Sabrina (http://www.sabrinaisonthemove.wordpress.com) and her stress fractured foot who is coming anyway!  I spoke about Elle (http://www.priorfatgirl.com/category/other-priorfatgirls/elle), our Texas Rose who is coming in to join our fun!  I mentioned the diversity among our group ranging from triathletes like Unstoppable Mariah (http://www.unstoppablemariah.blogspot.com) veterans like Ann (of http://www.twelve-in-twelve.com) to our first 5k’ers like Jenn (http://www.Armageddjenn.wordpress.com) and Lindsay (http://www.priorfatgirl.com/category/other-priorfatgirls/lindsay) and myself!  We have women and men of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels and stages of their wellness journey. I also talk about those who can’t be with us this weekend and are doing their own virtual 5k’s in solidarity like my darling girl Misty (http://lifeoffthedlist.blogspot.com/)

I talk a lot actually about all the members of the pack who have been active in blog-world and the twitter-verse.  I am hoping that this weekend will provide a chance to get to know the rest of the members!   The weekend is actually jam-packed with activity for me!  I have taken Saturday off work in preparation for the 5k on Monday!  Actually I took it off because I wanted to be able to spend every possible moment with the #PriorFatPack members that were going to be in town. 

Friday Sabrina arrives in town… her countdown to get here the last 10 days has been hellish with her work schedule! WORK WORK WORK!  She is ready for a well deserved break! I am looking forward to a hug as she runs through the snow.. right… snow? Saturday will be filled in part with sleep, but also with errands and quality time with Sabrina, and hopefully Lindsay later in the night.  Sunday is when pardon the phrase but this shit gets real.

I will already be psyched/pumped up.  I can already feel the adrenaline starting to pump through my body as I think about what is coming. 

Unless you have been living under a rock the last week or so you know that there have been a lot of tornados across the country.  Several hit right here in Minnesota, one sadly struck our very own Jen of http://www.Priorfatgirl.com She and Carlos and the loveable Iggy are okay (!!) however others in their neighborhood have lost so much.  So Sunday afternoon an event has been planned to spread a bit of cheer.  A Flower Bomb!   Information is available on her website http://www.priorfatgirl.com/2011/05/project-flower-bomb.html If you are willing to lend a hand RSVP by Friday at 5pm! If not why not skip that Latte at Caribou Coffee today and slip that $5.00 on over to them to spread some sunshine into their neighborhood! 

Next up comes the PotLuck Dinner… we are expecting somewhere around 25 people… TWENTY-FIVE!!! That is AMAZING!!! We are having a mostly healthy night of bonding and psyching us up!  The menu currently sounds amazing, Chicken Sausages and veggies humus and devilled eggs! YUM!!!

After a few hours of napping Monday Morning arrives… 7am is packet pickup! Bright and way too early in my opinion!  I am hoping to have slept before the race… but we shall see.  I know we will all be there with our game faces on ready to roll!  We are going to get each other pumped up!  Right now on the #Priorfatpack registered team there are 16 members registered… a few are yet to register, and I think there are a few people who chose to register as individuals which is fine too, I just hope to see them out there!  Flag us down if you see us, Please!!!

Post race there are activity options as well! The Pack has been invited to a Memorial Day Party out on Lake Minnetonka hosted by one of the members of the pack that starts at 1PM.  It sounds like a ton of fun!  I am hoping to get out there and put in an appearance before heading off to the next stop on the party train!

We are scheduled to hit Crave at Mall of America at 4:00pm to celebrate two things.  First Sabrina turns 26 on Monday and it is her Birthday wish to celebrate with a margarita and some fun! Second is we are celebrating the awesomeness that is the Pack and our accomplishments!  Each and every one of us will have done something amazing this weekend.  For some of us it will be completing that first 5k, some of us it will be trying our hardest to get a new personal best time.  Each of us can find something to celebrate, even if it is just that it is Memorial day!

Tuesday is recovery day, Elle and Sabrina sadly make their voyages home and life returns back to normal.  All my gym friends will be ready to hear about how my 5k went.  My Trivia buddies will be waiting for me come 9pm for our usual night of debautchery enrichment activity.

It will go by in the blink of an eye I am certain.  All the hard work training will not be for naught! This is just the beginning my friends.  The Pack is just getting started!

8 thoughts on “100 This Weekend!

  1. Congrats on 100!

    for some reason after reading this I feel the need to do the whole sports put your hand in “1,2,3 PRIORFATPACK) chant (is there a name for what this is lol)

    I hope you all enjoy your fun packed weekend while I shove my nose in a Biology book for my 5 chapter test Tuesday (ahhhhhhh)

    Love ya

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